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Apple's browser "SafariA new version of the Windows version has been released. With this, it becomes an official version from the beta version, and the menu display also became Japanese. Apple says the page display speed is 1.9 times faster than IE 7, 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2. If you are looking for a fast browser you may want to try introducing it.

So after tomorrowMarch 21. Persia renamed Persian in 1935 to Iran, and in 1972 a polar painting of Takamatsuzuka kofun was discovered. In addition, it seems that in 2014 it is predicted that an asteroid with a diameter of 1.2 km will approach the Earth. Composer Nobuo Uematsu who worked most of the songs of the Final Fantasy series in 1959, Ayrton Senna known by the nickname of "Noble Prince of Sound Speed" in 1960, Ronaldinho of football player was born in 1980, Hanabu Akako Yokoyama entangle of comic mentor known in combination with died in 1971.

Today's headline news.
[Column] Silicon Valley 101 (263) US major ISP to evaluate the merit of P2P, eliminating congestion rather than illegal file exchange | Internet | My Communication Journal(Internet, ISPs recognizing the possibility of P2P are appearing)

Is it better for SEO to make related sites by subdomain name? | Web Contact Forum(There are long and short in the net, subdomain and another domain respectively)

Index - DOCS: Database of Otaku Culture and Society(Database which summarizes net service, animation and lanobe, author of doujinshi etc)

Two similar worlds that differ greatly - Knowing the difference between mobile and PC sites: mobile channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, mentioning specific differences by taking various examples)

[IO DATA] Network connection hard disk: HDL 4 - G 1.0 / 2 D(Hardware, two HDDs are loaded and two more can be added)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Akihabara Hoko at heaven" Open your crotch and show asses "Women's photo session ... Foreign tourists are also surprised(Property, too much is exceeded)

"Shikibu Akihabara" Shameful performance as a sign of the end - Bamboo shoot basketball (general affiliation)(Culture, pointed out that the traditional otaku cultural aspect is rapidly lost)

【Report】 Nico Nico Douga and a powerful collaboration anime "Petit Girl Ha Ah" Production Presentation | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Animation, the first bullet is "Penguin girl Ha Ah", the second is "Candy boy" and the third shoot will be released in the summer)

Madhouse's new animation, same day delivery as TV for mobile(Anime, "Cheese Sweet Home" free delivery on 3 mobile sites)

"Tōruu Tomoka" scenario proved existence! "Musou OROCHI Satan's Second Coming" New information released at once(Game, New Character is Son Goku)

【2ch】 New speed quality: unreasonable difficulty game(The game gets bored as soon as it is too easy)

Rosen Maiden free game "Sweet Dream - A Lovely Dexterity Doll -" - Rorikonfaru(Game, you can play purely)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - 20% of PC owners are online game users, 40%(About 10% of games, online game users on the go)

H-Yamaguchi.net: Note on television station's radio fee paid amount list(Television, usage fee and revenue are not proportional)

13 argument patterns to disagree Discussion Hack for meaningful controversy - female teacher blog(Proof, it is quite useful as a pattern that tends to fall unexpectedly is written)

Establishment of "net rights" without permission for video / music distribution, recommendation by experts - ITmedia News(Copyright, until now it was complicated because the permission of all concerned parties was necessary but to do something about it)

B3 Annex: Four engineers who Apple engineers talk about in the design process(Although it is a concept of conference and design development, it can be applied in various situations)

Hatsune Miku is a "right holder" - ITmedia News(Copyright, doubts only and answers are not posted)

The point is, you do not have the courage, do you? - Attribute = 51(Habits of thinking, habits of thinking only excuses when not possible)

Five easy techniques to make Excel data easier to view | Collis(Useful techniques that can be used for Excel, report submission, etc.)

One presentation at the Google headquarters - unexplored members who grasped the response to the expansion in the United States(Technology, philosophy of founder of Google "must be more than 15 feet away from work place and food")

The appearance changes considerably in the margin of the 12th page: ITpro(Characters, upper, lower, left and right margins and line feeds are important)

Was there a lot of strange funny teachers at elementary school? : VIPPER I(The difference between school, good teacher and bad teacher seems to be intense)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Does the backpack carry light bags?(School, length of the belt must be adjusted properly)

Asahi.com: 'Hashigashi Governor' Do not Tame 'Protest Email to a Staff Member 1 thousand - Politics(Probably, I am afraid, I am worried that I can not have free discussions, but if I can break up with such a thing, I can not do politicians etc)?

Iwase Bunko: A graffiti in a library and a gallery in Aichi, Nishio - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Case, registered cultural property that celebrates the 100th anniversary of founding in May)

To two high school girls offering a bottle of sake, to "send the king of dumplings" documents: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Case, a police officer found a collapse in the street 150 m ahead after leaving the store)

Kyoto Prefectural Police: First female police birth birth to high-tech crime prevention office manager - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Police, famous department arresting Winnie developers)

A foul ticket to a parking car police car - Social news: nikkansports.com(Police parking is prohibited within 5 meters from intersection)

Hills looks up "Azabu-Juban Onsen" to be closed to 60 years of history - MSN Sankei News(Hot Spring, customers are decreasing and other businesses decided to close down due to expenses increase)

CNN.co.jp: prize money at the neck of Norie cat, $ 5 per one However,(Overseas, starting 2 days this month and protecting 2 animals already)

Soft B wears reprinted uniform in exchange game - baseball news: nikkansports.com(Baseball, wearing Daiei and Nankai models in the battle against Hanshin)

AKB48 Raw photo "There must be meaning unless all are collected!" A minimum of 172 books = 430,000 yen(Entertainment, 848 raw photos in the appendix in total)

Current affairs dot: Arthur C. Clark Death = SF novel "The journey of the universe in 2001" Maestro(A death, I died at the age of 90 in a hospital in Sri Lanka)

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