Headline news on 10th January 2008

According to the announcement of the Telecommunications Carriers Association, in December 2007 the entire mobile phoneThe number of contracts finally over 100 millionI heard he did. Softbank continues to rank first in November at 218 thousand, which means that it will be the top eight consecutive months. In PHS, NTT DoCoMo, whose service was terminated on January 7, 2008, had a net decrease of 96,500 and WILLCOM a net increase of 11,600. It is not the first time ever in the history that electric appliances that such an age or age and a man do not have regardless.

So, tomorrowJanuary 11. In 604 Prince Shotoku established the system of the twelfth floor of the crown position, and in 1930 a new hundred yen bill of Prince Shotoku's portrait was issued. In 1938 the Ministry of Health and Welfare was established. Also, in addition to being born in 1939 as a manga artist Chibute Taya with his masterpiece "Ashita no Joe" in 1939, a egg (graphic designer) was born in 1961 by a manga artist "Kinnikuman" in 1961, and manga such as "Shura Snow Hime" Kamio Kamimura who drew in 1986 died.

Today's headline news.
Frid 1000 dollar age will come (FINANCIAL TIMES): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Business, there is a possibility of keeping updating the past highest value as it is as it is)

[Economy] The background to consider 16-hour sales convenience store is RxR R25.jp(Suppress business, wasteful energy)

Will the genome information offering service break in 2008 (Hiromi Watanabe's "IT review"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Net service, a service that allows you to analyze your genetic information and browse it on the net "23 And Me")

Do you surpass the US at the end of 2008? - China's Internet population, to the end of 200 million: Column - CNET Japan(The net is lightly exceeding the population of Japan, it is an outrageous population.)

China's video sharing site "Youku.com", the number of viewers exceeded 100 million books per day(Net service, comparable to YouTube when it was acquired by Google)

Slashdot Japan | Can you emerge Baidu at the start of full service(How far is the net, China power pass through to Japan?)

Chinese government to crack down website for sex drag advertisement: Marketing - CNET Japan(Internet, is this also the Beijing Olympic effect?)

Google Earth upgrades the "Sky" function to watch the universe - ITmedia News(You can see the net, the universe with X-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, microwave)

Participating in DataPortability aiming to share data between Google and Facebook and SNS: News - CNET Japan(It seems to share the net, data and ID, Google knows everything.)

Household appliances to join hands with the net, popular on YouTube - CES 2008: News - CNET Japan(It is close to the day when electric appliances in the house are connected by the network?)

"Academic advice" can be read with Google Book Search, the Keio University Library publishes collections(To be able to read net service, Yukichi Fukuzawa's work etc.)

Development status of Twitter Japanese version released on Twitter - ITmedia News(Internet Service, Developer Blog and Opening Account Showing the State of Development)

Rootkit infecting Master Boot Record circulates, Symantec etc. warn(Security, set up a Trojan horse to become a backdoor to PC)

Do not mind the vulnerability? Most of PC users have not applied patch fixes - ITmedia News(95% investigating security and patch management tool introducer did not fix the vulnerability)

Sony Pictures' program is DivX compliant - ITmedia News(Divx, enterprises that adopt the Divx format rapidly grows)

Intel CEO, sullenly about Vista No comment: News - CNET Japan(IT, Intel has a pretty annoying impression about Vista?

Slashdot Japan | Bluetooth, celebrates 10 years since its birth(Technology, technology that has a considerable track record in terms of 10 years)

[2008 CES] Kodak announces digital cameras and other compatible HD video(Hardware, a digital camera that can shoot Hi-Vision movies)

【2008 CES】 Panasonic which exhibited digital camera equipped digital camera(Hardware, LUMIX with wireless LAN covered also in GIGAZINE the other day)

DoCoMo's 6-digit net increase since March, KDDI adhering second place - December subscribers - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, well-being Softbank's favorable growth and turning to net increase WILLCOM)

Sprint Nextel, WiMAX service launched within the year - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, WiMAX began service in the US ahead of Japan)

Thumb input with split keyboard: Bullray, 526 grams of UMPC 'Wibrain B 1' sold domestically - ITmedia + D PC USER(Hardware, UMPC used for holding like PSP)

Whether or not the HD DVD camp is withdrawal, Paramount decides within a month - US paper coverage - ITmedia News(Technology, how to do Paramount)

A new version of the document generation tool compatible with Visual Studio 2008 first appeared: ITpro(IT, making documents is unexpectedly a difficult task, is not it?)

Ultra compact digital video camera smaller than 100 yen writer - Direct sales limited 14,800 yen: Digital home appliances information site: Digital Freak 2008/01/10(You can take a picture by letting the chest like a gadget, ballpoint pen, etc.)

America's youngest rising (J · W · Chai "Cosmopolitan's eyes"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(There are no countries other than the international and the US that can still pull the world at the present time)

81-year old grandmother arrested for cultivation and sales of marijuana | Excite News(Overseas, was it for living?)

"Arrested for high school girls high school students while on-street training" News i - TBS video news site(Memo, what are you thinking?)

J-CAST News: "Aiful sued" Aiful Corporation "(Note, I do not understand the meaning very well)

1 gram pure gold certificate Kyoto prefectural movement promotion center (Kyoto newspaper) - Yahoo! News(Memo, name is "Golden Samurai (Monofu) prize")

Nintendo, Emmy Award Winning - With Wii Remote and Nintendo DS Screen: News - CNET Japan(It seems that you do not know the momentum of the game, DS and Wii staying)

Experience the world of "Code Geass"! "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion LOST COLORS" - Famitsu.com(Game released with PSP and PS2)

Space Venture · Astro Research Collaborates with Bankruptor Horie Yuan Livedoor President - ITmedia News(Space, what is the story with a dream?

Why is the conductor necessary: ​​Alfalfa mosaic(Memo, conductor seems to be hard work)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: envy the Ultra City(Memo, Ultraman full of town 'Ancestral grand priest')

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