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todayJapan Automobile Dealers Association FederationBut2008 new car passenger car sales rankingAnnounced.

Honda's best-selling car in the domestic last yearfit. Second place ToyotaCorollaThe number of sales of about 30 thousand vehicles was released and it shone as the champion of 2008. For Toyota after 3rd placeVitz·Crown·PriusToyota ranked in 4 of the top five as well.

Although the number of vehicles sold has decreased due to the economic downturn, we are looking forward to see if some innovative cars are on sale and car models will raise sales more than last year.

So, tomorrowJanuary 9. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on January 9th one year ago.

10-year-old boy adheres her hands to the bed with an adhesive and refuses to go to school - GIGAZINE

Boys who entered the robber killed pet cats in the microwave oven and criticized on the net - GIGAZINE

Picture of a pool hesitating to enter too dangerous - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Plasma TV is 8.8 mm in thickness - Panasonic unveils new 50 V TV at CES: News - CNET Japan(It seems that we have realized the world's highest full video resolution of 1080 lines by newly developing ultra high-speed driving technology that controls light emission according to the movement of home appliances and images)

Sales of PS3 in North America in 2008 increased by 40%: News - CNET Japan(The 160 GB model in which the game, 80 GB model and "Hidden treasure of Uncharted El Dorado" was bundled greatly contributed)

About 80% of those who are "conscious of domestic products" at shopping - Eye Share research(There are many people who stick to domestic production of vegetables rather than meat)

About 50% of dissatisfied with living cooperative household chores "raise yourself" or "getting out" - I Share Research(It is surprising that there are many people who answered that men are "good at cleaning" than women)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Rice fortune telling "Cracking once in 100 years" Akita - Society(Memo, is it a sign of bad things happening this year ...)

Accelerated Internet advertising expansion in 2009 as well as newspapers to second media: Marketing - CNET Japan(Memo, advertising expenditure for newspapers, magazines, televisions and radios was sluggish in fiscal 2008, but only net advertising expands)

Stolen by internal stakeholders: Information leakage in 2008 and outflow from organizations greatly increased - ITmedia News(Security, the number of information leaks reported in 2008 was 656, 47% increase compared to 446 in 2007)

Panasonic establishes two internal ventures Image search and audio software development - ITmedia News(Note, 29 companies were established using the internal venture system)

College student who wrote "Yahoo! Bomb", "This is definitely safe wwww" but arrested - ITmedia News(Memo, "I made it in half mischievous" and writing in the interesting half)

2009 International CES: LG Announces 'Ultra Guard' Mobile Telephone - ITmedia News(Mobile, wristwatch type mobile phone)

"Yamamoto Mona" that is poked by a winning group man is super "Renai Onchi" translation: Saiseau women(The opinion that it is a "not clear" woman whether it is work or love makes the reason why the entertainment, casters could not continue)

The number of elderly elderly is increasing rapidly! Focus of 'Shoplifting power country Nippon' (second part): Daily Saizo(For memos and bookstores, shoplifting damage rate exceeds profitability serious problem)

Why red? Does it have to be strings? What is the origin of red thread of fate? | Trend | Free Videos GyaO [Gao] |(There seems to be a description that seems to originate from memo, "Taiping Hiroki" made in the Northern Song Dynasty and "Kojiki" in Japan)

TBS employees leaked private photos of synchronous female analysts at P2P: tell me you .net(Security, behavior in which other program names are present in P2P search history and staff members who should protect the copyright should not do)

Information leakage of IPA staff, personal information of employees of Seibu department store - ITmedia News(Security, customer data do not leak)

Hundreds Average is rising only for vinyl umbrella? Excite News(It seems to be caused by a memo, guerrilla rainstorm "Temporarily sold out → excessive production → unsold → productive decrease → rise)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Is the street thermometer accurate?(Memo, actually carry a thermometer and experiment)

There is! NG Honorifics - Honorifics | Gentlemen's and Ladies' Manners Course | Yolkoyoruta(Memo, wrong honorifics like you remember)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): 1 cherry grain 2000 yen Department store in Nagoya - shopping(Food, price of cherries was even more expensive with 100 grains of 100 thousand yen, and it was lined up in stores)

How is "Megurine Ruka" different from "Miku" "Lin · Ren"? - ITmedia News(Compare software, genre, good tempo, good range etc)

Intel forecasts fourth quarter financial forecast downwards: News - CNET Japan(Note, sales in the fourth quarter are expected to decline 23% year-on-year)

Honne who was hidden in girls' "Anything is okay?" I am dangerous if I misunderstand, I tried exploring its true mind. | Trend | Free Videos GyaO [Gao] |(A sad opinion that memos, "It is troublesome to think = that other people are not interested too")

Ken Hirai is NG, Nakajima Mika is OK in the red and white side! Photo NG list | Back art(Entertainment, it seems that shooting OK was always OK because the makeup is always neat and my clothes are fashionable)

John Travolta family, returning to the ashes of his son Jet as his chest - Cinema Today(Memo, memorial service will be held today in Ocala, Florida today)

What is the BD recorder that fought over the 2008 year when the settlement of the standards battle and price decline took off?(Home electronics, Panasonic's DIGA "DMR-BR 500" in 1st place)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Onega also works for chimpanzees To prevent colds Fukuoka zoo - Society(Society, like human beingsAllicinIt is thought that it is effective)

Small 6 Tobacco, classmates and Pukari ... "I suck it" Mother giving: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, boys smoked by receiving mother's cigarette from the fifth grade)

New adult, "Japan's future is dark" 82% "My future bright" 64% NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Memo, 63.8% answered "I have a future dream")

Renai Tec: Husband is unemployed! Then, what will your wife do? - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, how to respond to each type of husband)

Reducing mobile phone call charges Price revisions to other companies - MSN Sankei News(We plan to bring up the plan in the mobile this fall)

Sharp drop in NY shares, pessimistic about the future of the US $ 245 economy - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(It is thought that the selling has expanded due to the economic uncertainty about further worsening employment statistics released on the 9th)

Current affairs dot com: lean medicine production, finally banned = dead in Japan several years ago - China(Presentation that fenfluramine hydrochloride contained in society, appetite suppressant causes damage to the heart valve membrane)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Laughter Measuring Instruments - Template Switches ... From University, Idea Collectibles - Society(Devices, devices that can turn on and off using minute movements made with temple pictures)

Tell me how to deodorize boots. - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, once a week, it seems that it is possible to considerably reduce the occurrence of smell by just shade in the shade)

Stereoscopic images without glasses ... 200 type screen to Osaka Umeda North Yard: Economic News: Money · Economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, using 50 or more ultra-high-quality small projectors on the back side of the screen and using the technology to simultaneously display images of the subject seen from various angles)

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