Headline news on May 8, 2007

There are almost anniversaries on anniversary, but there seems to be some people applying for that anniversary individually and making it. That name is "Goggok day"Tomorrow May 9th is that day. There is also an official website properly.

May 9th is a gokgok day

It is said that it is an anniversary that was designed to taste a refreshing feeling by drinking beer and other items outdoors on the 9th of May when the sunny day of early summer becomes comfortable, so please warm up tomorrow, the weather will be sunny There are so many ... ....

So, tomorrowMay 9. Broadcasting was interrupted for 64 minutes from 1:59 pm in Osaka's Yomiuri Television in 1990 and about 1,500 complaints to the station were received, and in 2001 it was discovered that a bullet was shot into the window glass of burning production. In 1994 Nelson Mandela won the President of the Republic of South Africa. Also, in 1147, Yoritomo, the first generals of the Kamakura Shogun, was born in 1920 and Moriko Mori in 1984, Ayaka Hirahara in 1984. And Yuu Miyaji, a founder of Seongnam Denki, died in 1998.

Today's headline news.

ITmedia News: Symposium thinking about doujinshi and expression, in Ikebukuro on 19th(Otaku, doujinshi magazines and spot sale are taken up in the report of the advisory body of the National Police Agency and some expression restriction may be done)

Narrowing YouTube siege network - A series of copyright infringement lawsuits in succession: ITpro(YouTube, YouTube itself claims to be protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA))

Japan.internet.com Web Business - CNN, Presidential Candidate Discussion Broadcast Contents without Limitations(Copyright, you will be able to browse, edit, share and blog in blogs in the future freely with appropriate attribution)

Second-hand game sales site collective search(Internet service, searching eight sites including amazon and secondhand market all at once)

The painful news (No ∀ `): It turns out that the strange illness that stood out in various parts of the world, the" strange syrup made in China "was the cause(Incidents, place of occurrence such as Haiti, Bangladesh, Argentina etc)

People who are not conscious of heterosexuality are motivated from Mote(Love, feeling people feel freshness not being treated as opposite sex)

To say that committee game(It's fun playing the application of the "Committee saying that much Taka Konni" exchange) to the game)

"Eat all except *" - Google search(There are various kinds of funny phrases coming out)

MarkeZine: ◎ Is it really "collapse of TV commercials"?(The influence of advertisements and TV commercials is still large)

"Life advocacy day" by attorney Ochiai Yoji (Tokyo Bar Association) - Beach Volleyball Asahi When you shoot you called "policeman"?(If the case, if this is punished it would not be possible to be scared outdoors shooting?)

"It is regrettable that the power to see the previous demand was not enough" - Nintendo explains the supply shortage of Wii - CNET Japan(Game, expectation that the amount to be left to retail stores in May will "increase slightly")

"Only 8% use Web 2.0 well" - US survey: ITpro(Web 2.0, Americans do not utilize interactivity)

ITmedia News: Livedoor, SNS-like blog for beginners "nowa"(Blog, for beginners rather than "livedoor Blog")

Survey on mobile videos (bottom) - Maximum fee viewing for mobile videos is 200 yen? - CNET Japan(Mobile, 30.3% who answered that it is acceptable to see if it is less than 200 yen)

Boston free local newspaper, bloggers posted on paper in the paper: ITpro(Media, recruitment of recruitment articles issued press certificate etc)

Reason why Microsoft is silent about 'IE 8.0': ITpro(Browser, scheduled for 2 years from October 2006)

Solid Alliance, "Free Business Card USB Memory"(Hardware, can be ordered with body text, character font, arbitrary character string at 5980 yen per piece)

"Security" Beyond the Ocean - Part 8: Threat of "Hybrid P2P Type" Botnet and Other(Security, Taiwanese Foxy file sharing software ignores it even if you specify a shared folder and shares and exposes all files)

ITmedia News: Japan and China competing in "no longer equal" fashion(Fashion, Chinese apparel makers are pursuing Japan)

Wiki's world that continues to spread - what is it used for and where to head - CNET Japan(Internet service, explanation about Wiki service other than Wikipedia all over the world)

ITmedia News: NEC and RIKEN make great progress toward realization of quantum computers(Quantum computer, although it is still in the hypothetical stage but it can process it faster than the current machine)

ITmedia News: Flickr's slide show, browser full screen ready(Net service, playable in full screen and background color is black)

ITmedia News: Entry into Sleepiness Improvement Medicine Challenge to "DRIEL" Manufacturers(Drugs, market size seems to be 8 billion yen only in Japan)

ITmedia News: Instant dialing new number guide service without cutting from "104"(Start a new service "DIAL (dial) 104" that allows you to dial the guide destination phone number without cutting off the phone or telephone as it is)

ITmedia News: Provider publication of malicious software distribution site - StopBadware.org(Security, iPowerWeb is No. 1)

ITmedia News: Be aware of "Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta" to be delivered by mail(Security, downloader installed arbitrarily when accessing)

ITmedia + D PC USER: Shigeharu Goto's PC peripheral shop walking method: The 10th: "Supportive sale" destroys dealers (Part 1)(Computer, explanation of the meaning of "grabbing the event space in rebates" and commentary on "cheering sale" will be a great learning)

ITmedia News: Changes in Japanese Society Projected by "Cyber ​​Homeless"(Labor, Report on Reality of Japan Cyber ​​Homeless Reuters)

ITmedia News: "Paper vending machines" developed Osaifu-Keitai content sales(Just hold your Osaifu-Keitai over the paper POP designed for mobile, vending machines)

ITmedia + D PC USER: Logitech announces a new model of high end gaming mouse "G5 Laser Mouse"(Hardware, transfer rate doubled and buttons increased)

ITmedia + D Mobile: "Softbank Mobile's" White Plan "topped 4 million subscribers(Mobile, since I started on 16th January, I achieved it in about 4 months)

ITmedia Biz.ID: UNIQLO to Tombow pencil T-shirt This year for children(Fashion, sold at domestic UNIQLO with 1 1000 yen)

ITmedia Enterprise: How many instructions of "Timely Hit" can be issued in the month? (1/2)(Methods that dealt with cases concerning internal takeover of cyber agents, business)

"Second Life" resident population is 1.28 million, 46% increase in 2 months(Virtual world, 61% in Europe, 19% in North America and 13% in Asia Pacific)

The rate of increase in users of newspaper sites and the rate of increase of net users as a whole(The number of users in the first quarter of 2007 of the news site established by the Internet, a US newspaper publishing company is approximately 59 million)

A genius in the Web 2.0 era? Or are they Hentai?(Interview, an interview article with President Inoko Team Lab)

Yahoo, closing "Yahoo Photos" - focusing on "Flickr" [CNET Japan]? Internet - latest news: IT-PLUS(Net service, certainly two similar services are unnecessary)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - About 50% of mistake information on the net experience, reliable information is newspaper top(Blog and SNS, reliability of newspaper is 89.33% · Television is 74.83% · Internet is 64.07%)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - "Entrance ceremony", despite persistent popularity gradually decreasing supporters?(Event, President's Blog "President's greetings" is zero)

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