Headline news on August 6, 2008

Since it was released by SOFTBANK, Apple 's iPhone which was difficult to obtain because the short -Bookable from today. It is said that when you register in the reservation system at the dealer it will be contacted at the time of arrival because "a certain measure has come up in the future arrival of goods." Yesterday 'Packet fixed amount full' was revised to 2 step fixed rate system,Minimum monthly charge 2990 yenAs the iPhone can be used with, it is becoming easier to put out more hands, so please check out those who are not yet cool as hot as the initial release.

So, tomorrowAugust 7. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on August 7th one year ago.

Move the emulator on the iPhone and play the movie Mario - GIGAZINE

Boyfriend heats up the laptop in the oven - GIGAZINE

Wikipedia founder to talk to China to cancel censorship - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Number of domestic blogs opened as of March 2008, approximately 198% increase by 42% compared to the previous year: ITpro(Blog, blog service market in 2007 is 4.63 billion yen scale)

Mixi 's April - June quarterly settlement of accounts, banner advertising is strong, sales are up 34%, job advertisement is sluggish: ITpro(SNS, sales are 2,883 million yen)

Preliminary announcement .in is soon going so far Powerful obstruction of work - novtan annex(There are cases where it can be intentionally used for internet service, harassment)

AT & T enters cloud computing business and starts new service "Synaptic Hosting": ITpro(Like servers, "Amazon EC 2" or "Google App Engine")

What is happening inside the Mainichi Newspaper (top): Toshinaobu Sasaki journalist's viewpoint - CNET Japan(Media, everyday readers are biased toward elderly in rural areas, they seem to have much lower media power than real number)

Confession of some advertisers (or bitches): What has changed due to reorganization of advertising company and what has not changed(This decade seen from advertisement, sales ranking)

Browsers complain if article categories are biased - ARTIFACT @ Hatena type(It seems that it is bound to write that blogs, readers will increase as I started blogging to write something I like)

CNN.co.jp: 40 million card information stolen hacker group, US authorities prosecute(Note, investigation began in 2006)

I feel I saw the bad streak after a long absence - Coderanoblog 3(Media, press club has no longer worth it)

Video Site to Accents - New Media and Citizen Journalism Relationship: Special Report - CNET Japan(Media, who can photograph criminal acts of criminals and contribute to the Internet, who will need traditional media now?)

CNN.co.jp: Torch Relay starts in Beijing, the host city of the Olympic Games(Olympic Games, running for a total of 9 hours till the 8th day of the opening day)

IOC, to provide the Olympic content on YouTube - 77 regions targeted: ITpro(Olympics, can not browse from Japan)

"Monopoly of broadcasting" and "excessive directing" (the first part) that kills sports broadcasting: daily Saizo(Analyze why media variety, variety of sports broadcasting and sports programs are accelerating)

JASRAC filed a lawsuit against copyright infringement on video site "TV break"(Copyright, billing 128 million yen based on usage fee for one song)

Business Media Makoto: Caster / Yoko Meguro's "Now, this is anxious": How much is everyone's pocket money every month?(As a result of decreasing living, bonuses and pocket money)

Search results page, half "see 2 or 3 pages" - Search for eye share - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Net, the most frequently answered is "3rd page until")

About 4% of mobile phone users who put "QR code" in business cards - japan.internet.com Daily research(There is no memory which used QR code of mobile, business card)

Highest value on gasoline 185 · 1 yen Next month will fall in crude oil price cut (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Automobile, expected to be a price cut in September)

Business Media Makoto: "Life has changed due to soaring gasoline prices" - 64.7% of car owners(Automobiles, vehicles that pass by as much as you can experience are decreasing)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Joked believe and shoot live bullets, dispose of 7 GSDF Fukuchiyama garrison - Kansai(I will listen to the note that my colleague shot live bullets)

Business Media Makoto: Companies whose mental illness is increasing in employees in their thirties - 60%(Health, more than half of people suffering from mental illness if they are over 30)

CNN.co.jp: Half of the world's primates investigate extinction crisis protection group(Animals, about 90% of Primates in Vietnam and Cambodia fear of extinction)

Old British steal pants of young girls and the death penalty: MURAJI's playfulness so-net blog version: So-net blog(Memo, a 12 year old girl who stole)

CNN.co.jp: "Slot machines gold stolen" arrested a police report man(Note, because the police are not limp, arrest report of strange reason)

Reason for taking the exam | Summary of the exam(Examination, the idea that home level will be limited to some extent in places to live)

A way in which unemployed Rothgene rushes up to winning group at once (true story)(Life, know-how for starting up an NPO organization and working)

"Poverty not noticeable" extends to regular employees of listed companies and white collar layer | Sakuramu(There is no "reservoir" that can be dealt with when unforeseen circumstances such as life being broken or accident)

Sometimes my husband makes me happy Ranking - goo(Couple, first place is "cooking")

CNN.co.jp: The Beatles' Chat "tape, a bid for 2.1 million yen(Music, songs are included other than chats)

Ultra movie criticism "Dark Knight" 97 points (out of 100 points)(Evaluation of the latest film produced by Batman, which will be screened this weekend)

SFC version Dragon Quest V Phantom's Hyad effect(There are characters that you normally learn as a game, remake version)

Game * Spark -: Not at all! Overseas version cover art "Kirby series of stars" Large set by Miu(Game, Kirby abroad for some reason Nirami face)

Game * Spark -: The rumored "ICO" is the Olympic team! Is it? The next work of expectation is so wonderful by Miu(Game, the next work of "ICO" "Wanda and the Colossus" appeared soon)

Now, the miracle with Comiket - FANTA - G - Rakuten Blog (Blog)(Only events, "Everyone follows the rules and takes care of each other, performing orderly" comic)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: I'll buy side by side, from the day before(Notes, Introducing the tips of an all-night queue)

Okabe no Okaki "Free Cafe" is Popular - All-you-can-eat Funabarumi - Shimbashi Keizai Shimbun(Food, planned to be opened in stores in other regions as well)

Refresh coffee "Kirin Fire Menthol" for enjoying "freshly ground scent" and "aftertaste of menthol" New release on August 19 (Tue)(Food, blend mainly of luxury beans Colombian Supremo, adding the fragrance of menthol)

Why two sausage wine sets? Excite News(Food, reason why it became a unique package)

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