Headline news on 18th June 2008

Aim for world record with 24-hour download countFirefox 3"Was released in Japan at 2 am this afternoon. However, too many accesses were flooded, and it seems that timeout frequently occurred about 2 hours from the start. Currently it seems to be settled, but considering concentrating access to the server until around noon,Mozilla JapanSites Firefox 3Configuration specialized for downloadingIt was also becoming. Is it possible to establish a world record?

So, tomorrowJune 19. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 19th one year ago.

Top 5 most valuable currencies in the world Top 5 - GIGAZINE

I tried eating "Nakagawaya curry udon" which is highly acclaimed in magazines etc. - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
CM video on Firefox 3 is being broadcast on Slashdot Japan Yamanote Line · Keihin Tohoku Line etc.(Will it appeal the Web browser by advertisement, advertisement of the train and lead to download?)

"Opera 9 _ 5" achieved 4.7 million downloads(Software, the latest version Web browser released on June 12)

ATOK fixed monthly fee at 300 yen per month starting September - ITmedia News(Software, upgradeable at no additional charge)

Advertisement of free hosting "XREA" contains a link to virus(Security, virus that steals ID of online game)

Current affairs dot com: probability of M5 or more 50% = attention to mudslides etc. - Japan Meteorological Agency(It happens as a memo, aftershock of Iwate · Miyagi Nairiku earthquake)

I want to know "here" of "Cyber-shot mobile W61S" (3): Are you sleeping? - "Cyber-shot Mobile W61S" - ITmedia + D Mobile(Mobile, the speed of response is the greatest advantage of Sony Ericsson terminal ...?

"Measures like demons" "The most equitable means" - speculation over the bidding system of docomo menu list: Special Report - CNET Japan(DoCoMo's menu list bidding system which distinguishes mobile and content providers from pros and cons)

SOFTBANK, Panasonic "920P" multiple defects(Mobile, mainly email related trouble)

Copyright restriction, conclusion within the year Government intellectual property plan(Copyright, piracy measures on the net are also strengthened)

Variety Japan Kadokawa Pictures America, Delete request to rice animation site(Request for AnimeSuki.com to introduce movies with fans subtitled subtitles on online, made in Japan)

Variety Japan Hollywood version "Astro Boy" image finally appears(Movie, CG animation Atom)

Anime criticism feature in academic journals aiming to establish anime criticism(Notes, magazines for criticism rather than criticism)

YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun) News education universities can not buy academic journals(Note, price of magazines is going up every year)

Flying saucer flying in plasma, designed by US researcher - ITmedia News(Memo, Professor Otsuki should fly if it can fly by plasma)

Italian Supreme Court, Police Army Members' Forbiddance Rules Confessions of the World Reuters(Note, not to mention it bothers me)

NEC Ele, 1 chip LSI for BD drive compatible with 8x speed recording(Hardware and DVD can also record at 20x speed)

Approximately 60% of digital camera owners shoot "less than 10 GB" - survey on digital cameras - japan _ internet_com daily research(Memo, nearly 90% of people possess digital camera)

Taro Taro is one day postmaster "Make sure to serve you" - MSN Sankei News(Memo, appealing memorial stamps before closing)

Hamster bulletin 2 that will expose the information I got cheated by Yahoo auction and bought it(Memo, entity of informative product material full of suspiciousness)

Twality tw ro thermal robi payrence tw Inn pay 2.5(Memo, what kind of games did you play?)

Donbu! News 60 km-h The man who ran the restricted road at "880 km / h"(Memo, a car that can produce speed at the airplane level ...)

Speed ​​bathing suit! On the back of the recording rush, "spectacular" sight of changing room livedoor sports(Sports, bathing suits you can not wear alone)

CNN_co_jp: Tobacco tax is the first in the country, increasing smokers considering smoking cessation and NY state(Memo, taxes are about 300 yen per box)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: It's okay, but you should not eat it(Such as deodorant like jelly, etc.)

Similar? Dissimilar? This game character and ○ ○ are similar special features(Note, comparison of the star scream is terrible)

"MGS 4" released! But the first place is still that genre(In the game, Akihabara store Metal Gear Solid 4 was not the 1st place)

Updated SCE, PLAYSTATION 3(Game, operation of PS1 software is stable)

Evaluate PS 3 as AV equipment (middle part): Not limited to "AV player" PS 3 (1/2) - ITmedia + D LifeStyle(PS3 that can play games, wide format movies)

Total damage 4.3 billion yen already in English "Wii Fit" "accident" second consecutive - MSN Sankei News(Game, about 20% hit the body while using)

Asahi_com (Asahi Shimbun): I want to continue to crush ... "∞ Bubble wrap" first toy grand prix - shopping(Toys, others Anpanman Register etc won the category prize)

Mobile Suit Gundam: With this, beam saber commercializes to "Gundam" (Mittal web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Toy, unfortunately the beam part is not attached)

O_o ─ expressionless ─ manga information site [Weekly Shonen Sunday No. 29] "InuYasha" finally finally, the comics will be all 56 volumes scheduled(Manga, the final volume will be released next year)

Naburabo: What do you say "Kinki disease" "death flag" in English? - ITmedia News(Language, foreigners of English learning site explain)

CNN_co_jp: Does the citizen's pool "Bikini ban" ordinance, revision? Utah State(Overseas, it is likely to be prohibited even T back etc.)

Will you say "the ultimate early education"? Excite News(Memo, the image of somehow scary songs is strong)

What is the characteristic of the person why flies came for some reason? Excite News(Note, coming by black clothes and odor)

Business Media Makoto: The second place in a row for the first place, which tea do you think would be delicious?(Food, young warrior at the lowest place)

Price increase food (15 items) Sales increase list(You can also see changes in food and over-the-counter prices)

Today's attention of the fighting school accused: I love the company's dining room which I am challenging boldly - livedoor Blog (blog)(Menu "Negirin drinks" like food and punishment games)

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