Headline news on May 10, 2007

Temperatures have been rising rapidly recently, but various kinds of alcoholic beverages have come out for the summer. Suntory from 3rd JulyNext Generation Chu HaiI will give out. The carbon dioxide gas pressure is higher than that of Chu Hai so far, and it is characterized by fine bubbles. Because the liquor tax does not change, the price is not different from other Cheuhai. When it gets hot it makes me want a drink, but please be careful of too much alcohol.

So, tomorrowMay 11. The Mainichi Shimbun published Braille daily newspaper "Braille everyday" in 1922, Japanese came first in Everest in 1970, IBM computer "Deep Blue" broke the human chess world champion for the first time in history It was. In 1904, Salvador Dali, a leading author of Surrealism, born Masayuki Hamada of Downtown in 1963, Afro Detective / Aizawa Zhou Shi of "DEATH NOTE" in 1969, and in the year 1869, Associate deputy director Hijikata Kozo died.

Today's headline news.

"Very uneasy" 40.3% - Studying Infoplan - CNET Japan(Mobile, more than 80% when totaling uneasiness and somewhat anxious)

Mobile phone service that "Do not waste" "theme park entrance pass" started - CNET Japan(Mobile, issuing temporary contact mead for exchanging pass)

About revision of call charge of prepaid service(Mobile and SoftBank prepaid cell phone call charge cuts, but per second charge per 6 seconds)

Upgrade version of "RX420IN" for W-OAM(Improve not only mobile, operation stability but also power consumption)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Reproduce the startup sound of Mac with live performance(PC, very tasty starting sound)

Ancate (Uncategorizable Blog) - A book from the prosecution criticizes Livedoor investigation and clearly points out the structural problem of justice(Books, how to use law)

While building a PC in the Game Boy, it is not demonstrating, not for sale(Since personal computer, first generation, there is space as it is)

What are the 8 people who really make money with Google AdSense and their income? | P O P * P O P(Business, first place is dating site)

Slashdot Japan | What happened to Muslim worshiping in the universe?(Religion, if oriented system pointing to Mecca from outer space is developed OK)

Finally the real Gundam, stand on the ground!?: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo Japan)(Gundam, new attraction of Fujiyoshi Island)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Super plastic bag, can you turn it off well? Can you open it?(Lifestyle, easy-to-open new type plastic bag "Eye lip roll")

Emperor φ mechanism - Emperor System Zero -: Why is Xbox 360 user angry with why foreign DL content is restricted?(Game, Japan has overwhelmingly few things that can be downloaded)

ITmedia News: HDD "Business trip destruction" service Ensure information leak prevention(Information defense, if you do it yourself)

Super movie criticism "Spider-Man 3" 55 points (out of 100 points)(Movie, spoiler attention)

Revealed the "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" Tizers Poster! / Famitsu.com(Anime, released on September 1, 2007)

ITmedia News: "Reidine" "Bottoms" ... Revival animation, aimed at adults(It seems that animation, the bottoms phenomenon proved that animation production is possible even without sponsors)

Naked Golf in the middle of town!? Yo Ioko Produce new game release is held / Famitsu.com(No relation with game, game center CX)

Information shop. - New game scanned images Various ⑤(Game, Nintendo DS software is a lot)

DVD transfer from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, Tokyo University updates the fastest net - @ IT(It seems that you can also download and sell DVD and DVD)

Slashdot Japan | A long-awaited (?) PC connection AM compatible radio, released(Hardware, USB connected radio)

Open Tech Press | Five hosting companies that spy malicious code around the world turned out - hosting most of infected websites(Web, please do something)

ITmedia News: Kill unless you reply - Beware of fraudulent mail(Spam, it seems that the number of e-mails pretending to be murder preamble from the killer is increasing)

J-CAST News: Yahoo and Japan Yahoo Japan was virtually a completely different company(Web, a part other than a part of the search function is different)

If you receive a misdeliveryment mail, are you guilty? Excite News(Transportation, it is difficult to ask crimes)

It is supposed to be one year of life expectancy ... without a sentence due to a mistake of announcing cancer | Excite News(Overseas, pancreatic cancer was supposed to be mild inflammation)

ITmedia News: Coin decreases 600 million annually, due to the spread of electronic money(Electric money, but 100 yen and 500 yen coins commonly used in vending machines etc. are increasing)

ITmedia News: Google makes RSS readers available for Wii(Google, controllable with Wii controller)

"Skype 3.2 for Windows" official release(Snapshot can be taken when software, video camera call)

ITmedia Enterprise: Winny Number of nodes is increasing again during holidays, peak time is 530 thousand(It seems that it became the maximum value since P2P, observation started in April 2006)

ITmedia Biz.ID: Google's first general user event held at the Apple store(Google, the second will be held on 30th May and will explain Google AdSense in detail)

Photo Report: Nico Nico Douga (γ) Using Mobile - CNET Japan(5000 participants for mobile and beta tests)

Mixi settlement announcement, sales increased 2.8 times compared with the previous term - the number of users of mixi to 98.3 million - CNET Japan(Mixi, sales in the fiscal year ended March 2007 was 5,247 million yen)

Iriver, "Love Gut CHU" model of organic EL player(Hardware, there seems to be "lily model")

Mobile Laptop "Let'snote" Y Series Release | News | Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.(Hardware, Let 's note carrying an intel new chipset etc)

The painful news (No ∀ `): conductor" Please pack in the empty car "High school student of the deck" ... "conductor" I will depart "Passengers who can not ride" Eh! "(The incident, it seems that the number of passengers on this day was not particularly large)

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Korea】 Go to" Construction site of Korea-Japan ocean floor tunnel "Proceeding survey Slant drilling(Society, that is making such a thing)

Sapporo - Asahikawa train express nickname is "Super Kamui"(Railroad, name likely to transform into robot)

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