Crow is clever as it turns out by brain mapping

There is "brain index" as an indicator of the weight of the brain against body weight, which is said to be 10.0 for humans, 4.3 for chimpanzees, 2.0 for monkeys, 0.6 for rats, 0.6 for pigeons, 0.4 for chickens , It seems that the crow is 2.1. It is above the monkeys ... It seems that it is roughly 10 grams to 13 grams.

However, it seems that it was unknown which part was developed, but the group of Kei University Humanities COE professor Shigeru Watanabe and Associate Professor Eizawa Eiichi succeeded in creating the brain map of the crown for the first time in the world. It is said that it will be released on the website from 14th May.

Partial images of the brain map, etc., details are as follows.
[PDF file]After all the crows succeeded in making the brain map of the crow for the first time in the world wise

The address to be released from 14th May is here.

So this is part of the crow 's brain map. The dotted part of the specimen photograph is the nest coat / high mantle.

Through the creation of the brain map of this time, the crow 's brain is extremely large in the cerebrum which is responsible for thought, learning, emotion, the part related to intellectual activity which is said to be the nest coat or high mantle in the cerebrum is large, well developed It turned out to be. This nest coat or high mantle is considered to correspond to the part called "association" of the cerebral cortex of a mammal including human (region where plural information such as visual and auditory sense intersects visual cortex and auditory cortex) It seems to have been estimated that it enables complex information processing. It is said that crows are generally smart, but it is said that it will be a scientifically proven form by creating this brain map.

Even so, it is possible to do quite complicated information processing ...... I think that people with experience with crow and eyes know, but there is intelligence in that eye surely ... ....

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