Headline news on September 30, 2008

As a result of the questionnaire conducted by the UK film magazine Empire,"The best movie ever" became the first place was released in 1972 "Godfather"It seems that it was. After that, the first work of Indiana Jones' film "Raiders / The Lost Church Ark" "2nd place," Yoda first appeared in 3rd place "followed by" Star Wars / Empire's counterattack " There were no works since 2000. The newest works among the top rankings are ranked 10th in "Fight Club" published in 1999. Even if there are interesting new movies due to diversification of entertainment, it may be difficult for many people to know the masterpiece that many people know, but will movies that will give the audience a stronger impact than the movie as a result of the questionnaire appear? .

So, tomorrowOctober 1. One month ago on October 1st, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

SEO consultation room of 'Doctor SEO' which discloses over 30 kinds of SEO tools for free - GIGAZINE

A seven-year-old girl who forgoted her homework is naked in the classroom and stood on the desk - GIGAZINE

A site that can use online desktop "ajaxWindows" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Business Media Makoto: Life after retirement, which is the most pessimistic country?(Life, the most pessimistic of all the countries in the world is Japan)

FujiSankei Business i. Integrated / Tenderness, Night to Day, Standards ... Transition to a Fascinating Logo(Business, logo that changes according to the times)

Apple's stock price plunged - with successive downgrades of investment judgment: News - CNET Japan(Note, Apple is not offering cheap PC as one of downgrade material)

YouTube Revamps Video Uploader - Alleviates capacity restrictions and supports multiple simultaneous uploads: News - CNET Japan(Net service, upload processing time and movie playback time have not changed)

Microsoft and Washington State Cooperate with Crackdown on "Scareware" - japan.internet.com Web Business(Security, police ads that pop up and recommend security software)

'Hitch click' attack reported, affecting most browsers: ITpro(Security, yet no countermeasure method or correction patch)

Not only "parent" but "real monster children"(Memo, students taking shields of the Board of Education too)

Muddy series Small babe girl's story: a cheeping little bird(Note, people who care about may be misunderstanding)

Have you had your hair cut overseas? - Gravy is overflowing(Note, it seems to be hard to make it to your desired hairstyle overseas)

Vice presidential candidate, see beautiful contest participation video | WIRED VISION(A memo, a movie of a contest that is up when it is erased many times)

A wonderful feature of "made in China" "iPhone look-alike product" | WIRED VISION(There are functions that are not mobile phone, pakuri products but iPhone)

Apple, SIM unlocked iPhone 3G released in Hong Kong: [Special feature] iPhone - Computerworld.jp(It is unknown whether to put out in mobile, other markets as well)

Personal computer mouse, nearly half use "optical type" - investigate eye share - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Hardware, ball mice seen at shop front are getting less)

Microsoft postponed the launch date of the folding arched mouse "Arc" for a week: News - CNET Japan(Hardware, postponed for 1 week and released on October 10)

FujiSankei Business i. Integrated / digital terrestrial reception film development TDK, "window glass type antenna" view(Hardware, fairly convenient if you do not have to think about direction)

CEATEC JAPAN 2008: Reflective Car with "Insect Eye" - Nissan Booth - ITmedia + D Style(Analyzing the avoidance behavior process of automobiles and insects and installing them in automobiles)

Window Forest - 【NEWS】 "Winamp Japaneseization Kit" continued to support Japanese "Winamp" user has been developed(Software, officially Japanese version came out, so development is over)

Review: Comic Studio EX 4.0 for Mac OS X(Software, software for drawing manga on software and personal computer)

Firefox and Thunderbird update release, addressing defects and vulnerabilities - ITmedia Enterprise(Fix bugs in software, password manager function etc)

The strongest rifle in history, the actual warfare test was decided, the aerial explosive weapon "XM 25" - Technobahn(Memo, development began almost 20 years ago)

27% of Chinese say "Coca-Cola is own country brand" - COURRIER JAPON - X BRAND(Food, misunderstanding that even brand of a famous company is own country)

FujiSankei Business i. Industry / Metabolic Market, 1,661.1 Billion yen Countermeasures 2 digits increase Fuji Economy 2008 Forecast(There are metabolic markets not only for business, meals but also for clothing and games)

Potential for substituting Vietnamese herbal medicine for Viagra = I research | Abroad in the world | Reuters(Study to make medicinal herbs known as medicinal herbs known as aphrodisiacs)

A high rating for Mr. Haruki Murakami Nobel laureate forecast for an English betting company - MSN Sankei News(Literature, Odds of the Nobel Prize for Literature to be released in October is released)

SMAP, album total sales exceeded 10 million copies - MSN Sankei News(Recording since CHAGE & ASKA as music and vocal group)

Hollywood's popular stars confess their bullying past in their school days - Hollywood channels about movies -(Movie, everyone who confesses is a male star)

Really Z Weekly Shonen Jump Animated Average Ranking Ranking(Anime, was Ararechan so great?

Anime maker crossing propaganda man blog: "Kannagi" the first episode of the preceding cut announcement!(Anime, the fastest broadcasting from October 4th)

A voice actor before the voice actor is a tremendous voice actor |(Memo, many people have undergone various transitions)

4 Gamer.net - "Nahahara Shinnosuke Rite University" and an open lecture "Minna no Tsuki university" etc from October 1(School, educational program using games)

Everyday YOUGI: This year too, the timing of the membership ranking of "Club Nintendo" has arrived - ITmedia + D Games(Game, the rank is confirmed at the point to today)

World's First Dam Defense Fantasy! "Dan ← dam" - Famitsu.com(Game, RPG to protect the dam released in DS)

"Street fighter IV" Ryu's master appeared - Famitsu.com(Game, "Tenshin" which was only the setting existed finally became a character)

Window Forever - [REVIEW] Minesweeper "Minesweeper W" for advanced players who are unsatisfactory by standard(Software, two types of landmines must be handled)

Gashapon litigation, Epoch's appeal dismissing ... Compensation increases: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, ordered compensation increased from first instance)

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