Yahoo! JAPAN, starting with "Yahoo! Search ranking" where you can see the most searched words

Yahoo! JAPAN totalizes search keywords and search frequency, and edits the keyword information site "Yahoo! Search rankingIt is said that it started.

Not only is the search total ranking updated every day, but also services such as "sudden rising word ranking" etc. that can introduce keywords whose number of searches has increased rapidly compared to the previous day in ranking format and can search for search results and related news It is provided.

Details are as follows.
Yahoo! Search ranking

"Trending high ranking ranking" that introduces keywords whose number of searches is sharply increasing compared to the previous day. By clicking each word you can check the search results and related news, related Q & A in Yahoo! Answers.

Number of searches Total ranking. By clicking each word you can see the page of the search result. First place is "YouTube", "second place" is "mixi", 3rd place is "2channel", I am surprised that 4th place is "Nico Nico animation".

Personal name ranking. Singers and celebrities, the names of topics are listed side by side.

Television ranking. The special-effects program "Masked Rider Den-O" is the 1st place behind the TV drama etc.

Game · Animation ranking. Pokemon ranked number one.

From the influence of the volleyball World Cup Women's Association that was held the other day, Japanese national players' names are ranked high.

In addition, this "Yahoo! Search ranking" also supports RSS delivery.

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