Summer Curry Series, Hokka Hokkatei "Chicken Curry" "German Style Potato Curry" Tasting Review

"Chicken curry" and "German style potato curry" are released as the summer curry series from Hokka Hokakutei. If it is half, it is medium spicy, pungent spirit that it becomes spicy when putting one bag is attached, it seems interesting somehow so I bought it.

Review from below.
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I bought chicken curry and German style potato curry. In the editorial department, the German style potato curry has a high reputation before and only one of the chicken curry is on the front.

This is followed by "curry pungent who".

There are various kinds of spicy things such as habanero chili, chilli, peppers.

Chicken curry had four chickens. Very simple.

German-style potato curry is a lot of ingredients. Feel like summer curry with a lot of vegetables.

On the contrary, lesser curry roux.

I tried hard to put a bag of spicy pungent.

I stirred. There is not much change in appearance.

Chicken curry has a sense that it has a feeling of being overly fried and a curry like curry like meal, which matches a certain meaning, gives a taste with a sense of stability so much. Although it tastes unusual if it says bad, it also feels like a taste for all.

The German-style potato curry is a little disappointingly small than the one I imagined. Eating together with Kareru and ingredients is a curry with just German potatoes, not having harmony, especially when eating separately and oral seasoning. It may not be bad if you like vegetables.

By the way, even if you eat Kareleu as it is, there is a little bit of hotness and it is okay to put in a pung taste besides those who like being spicy. A certain editorial staff put a couple of bags because they were pungent.

"It was not hard to eat curry if it was not so hard." It seems that it was nice to be able to adjust the hotness by yourself.

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