Kentucky Fried Chicken's New Spicy Chicken "Red Hot Wing" Tasting Review

With special spiceRed Hot King,Red Hot Sand, Red Hot Chicken etc, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been delivering a lot of spicy chicken to the world, but since June 18 (Thursday) we have introduced a new product called "Red Hot Wing". As I eat a lot of chicken so far, I can not ignore this too, so I went to the shop and ate soon.

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Arrived at the shop, outside climbing stood.

Purchase red hot wing immediately.

This is Red Hot Wing 3 piece set (390 yen).

There is also a set of red hot chicken 1 piece, red hot wing 2 piece, eating comparison potato together (590 yen). Pictures are for eating two sets of comparison sets.

Both of the following are red hot chicken on the left and red hot wing on the right. The size per piece is not that large.

It is painful to stain as compared to the Red Hot series so far as I glue it. Looking at meat carefully, Red Hot Chicken is a fried chicken with spicy clothing, whereas Red Hot Wing feels like a pungent ingredient impregnated into the meat. Perhaps it may be pickling in seasoning. "Pepper is tiny with a small grain," but Red Hot Wing is also small, but the spicyness is one or more, so please be careful if the spicyness of Red Hot Chicken was the limit .

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