Kentucky's "Red Hot King" is a special spice doubled in hot

I ordered and ordered "Red Hot King" which Kentucky Fried Chicken began selling today from Thursday, 14th. Red Hot King is a chicken with a size of 2 pieces of popular "Red Hot Chicken" that appeared last year and also has hot spice "Habanero Plus". How hard is it all?

Details are as follows.
"Dokki! Spicy and delicious king size! Dry chicken finally appears over red hot chicken!
Super Dry chicken "Red Hot King" new release
~ In addition to the size of red hot chicken 2 pieces, spicy is also doubled with special hot spice "Habanero plus"! ~ "

Remove it from the box. Pretty decky.

It is bigger than iPod mini.

There are also considerable thickness.

Nintendo DS is a good game.

But the thickness is Red Hot King.

This is a special spice "Habanero plus" coming with a limit until July 1st. Is it harder than habanero?

I tried everything.

Anyway it's big, it's hard to lift and your hands are sticky. If you get caught, the body is not that bad. Outside is crispy, inside is moist, there is a little bit of passion. Habanero plus is painful "It is spicy for red hot chicken 2 pieces" and it is painfully messy. Because the cooler was working, it was not so hot, sweat blew up. When I drank tea, I found that the tip of my tongue was numb and numb.

People who are not good at hotness are cautious, but there is no spicy like "tyrant habanero", so if you do not have spices it may be OK to some extent. People who love to spice seem to be happy if they sprinkle with plenty of spices.

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