Bone-free dry chicken with crispy texture, Kentucky 'Red Hot Crispy' 'Red Hot Twister' I tried crispy

Kentucky crispy crispy hot chicken " Red Hot Crispy " and " Red Hot Twister " wrapped in it with tortilla appear from July 5, 2018 (Thursday). I tried to taste the dry chicken without bone that there is rich using roasted pepper.

Red Hot summer will come this year too! Started selling on July 5 (Thur) July 5 (Thursday) sales of the classic "Red Hot Chicken" in the summer, the new product "Red Hot Crispy", "Red Hot Twister" ~ According to the foundation date of Japan KFC July 4, Sale from June 29 (Fri) to July 4 (Wed) ~ | Latest News | News Releases | Japan KFC Holdings Co., Ltd. KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.

Arrived in Kentucky.

This time it is "Red Hot Crispy" of Dry Chicken Newly Appear ... ...

We will order 'Red Hot Twister' in the lap menu and 'S' size for coffee.

"Red Hot Crispy" and "Red Hot Twister" and coffee "S" are completed in about three minutes after ordering.

When removing the wrapping paper, the appearance of "Red Hot Crispy" and "Red Hot Twister" looks like this.

"Red Hot Crispy" (1 piece: 220 yen including tax) is a boneless chicken with domestic chicken breast fried and a dry oil source using roasted chili peppers.

The size of "Red Hot Crispy" offered this time is like this when compared with the Transportation IC card (long side 8.5 cm).

Reddish clothing seems to be very spicy as it seems to be partly places like chili peppers.

"Red Hot Crispy" is chewy and juicy, with tenderness in breasts. The fried clothes are not "saku" of hardened fried chicken but rather "crispy" with a texture like tempura with crisp texture and crispy finish well. Pepper's hotness is a level that requires drinks. Since there is no bone, you can go eat with dry cheeks.

"Red Hot Twister" (single item: 340 yen including tax) is "RED HOT Crispy" and a lap menu with vegetables wrapped in tortilla.

The size of "Red Hot Twister" provided this time is like this when compared with transport type IC card.

When spreading the tortilla, you can see that red hot twister · lettuce · onion · pepper flavored mayo sauce · red spicy spicy sauce is wrapped.

It seems to be more spicy as red spicy sauce is applied to Red Hot Twister.

"Red Hot Twister" adds to the taste and pungent taste of "Red Hot Crispy" meat, vegetable freshness and sweet Mayon sauce creaminess. I imagined that it was getting hotter by the sauce sauce, but it was neutralized with vegetables and Mayo sauce and the pungent taste was slightly milder than "Red Hot Twister" alone, but still pungent is a level that requires drinks. The texture of the clothes is slightly weakened by the source and vegetable moisture, but still crisp. Mouthy tortilla and shakiyaki vegetables are rich in texture. Every bite eat, it was eaten without getting bored because the balance of taste with "red hot crispy" and spicy sauce, and Mayo sauce was changed.

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