We have eaten 'Nanjyo tartar twisister' where W sauce of sweet and sour vinegar wraps spicy chicken with rich and sweet vinegar in Kentucky

Kan Taru Tar Tui Star ” has appeared from Kentucky Fried Chicken on April 10, 2019. The tortilla wrapped in fresh lettuce with a hint of crispy fried boneless breast meat over the Kentucky regular menu 'kernel crispy' covered with a refreshing nanban vinegar sauce and plenty of tartar sauce, so what kind of taste came to mind , I went to Kentucky and went to eat.

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Arrived in Kentucky.

The appearance of the new menu was appealing in the signboard of the store.

In about 1 to 2 minutes after ordering, 'Namuta Tartar Twister' (tax-included 340 yen) was handed over.

Try opening the taped packaging paper.

Where the packaging paper was peeled off.

The length is about the same as the iPhone XR with a long side of about 15 cm.

When I opened the tortillas, the sauce was engulfed with chicken and lettuce.

Chicken is a Kentucky standard menu 'kernel crispy' characterized by crispy clothes.

Ingredients of cut lettuce and ...

Crispy is full of 'tartar sauce' and 'nanban vinegar sauce' with a clear, grey-red color.

I can't stand the sweet and sour smell of the Nanban vinegar sauce, and I roll it with a tortilla dough and eat it with a hand. When you bite a bite, you can feel crispy, crispy texture and spicy from crispy clothes that are well-fried, and the sweet, sour taste of the Nanban vinegar sauce spreads in the mouth.

The nanban vinegar sauce is so imaginative that the sour taste of the vinegar is effective enough to overflow into the mouth, but the mild taste of the tartar sauce suppresses the sourness and makes it mild, so the two well matched types Along with the taste of the sauce, I was able to enjoy the umami of the chicken and the crisp texture of the fresh lettuce.

The 'Nanjyo Tartaru Twister' has been sold in Kentucky nationwide since April 10, 2019, and the price is 340 yen per item. Because the limited number, sales will end as soon as it disappears, it is recommended to check the person who cares early.

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