Thick sausage & crispy and exquisite texture of Kentucky's 'German Twister' is a sweet and sour sauce and refreshing seasoning

Kentucky Fried Chicken, ' German Twister ' with rough ground sausage and two types of textured potatoes wrapped in tortillas has appeared on Thursday, August 16, 2018. I tried twister with refreshing spiciness of mustard sauce and sweet and sour pickle sauce on two kinds of potatoes, rough pork sausage with crispy texture and crispy texture.

'German Twister' with crisp baked rough pork sausage New release on Thursday, August 16! ~

Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In front of the shop, there was a sign saying 'German Twister' with a phrase that imagined the texture, 'Crispy! Hoku!

As soon as I ordered, 'German Twister' (single item: 380 yen including tax) was completed in about 3 minutes. The whole is wrapped in tortillas.

It contains coarsely ground pork sausage, two types of potatoes, sliced and sliced, and lettuce.

The whole white sauce is a mixture of mustard sauce and pickled sauce. The main sausage is about 10cm in length. Unfolding the tortillas revealed that lettuce was fully wrapped along with elongated and round potatoes.

As you approach, you'll find a sour scent from pickled and mustard sauces. The pork sausage baked in the shop is about 2cm thick and impressive.

When eaten, coarsely ground pork sausage has a crisp texture and a delicious taste. The sauce with pickles and mustard is sour and sour. Mustard sauce has a sour but no pungency. The tortillas with a simple taste are perfect for a taste with a strong acidity. There is just the right volume to fill your belly with thick sausages and potatoes, and lettuce. Because the sauce has sour taste, I felt that it would be good when I wanted to eat something fresh but meat.

'German Twister' is sold in limited quantities at Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide.

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