Kentucky fried fried chicken without bone "Kentucky no hot spicy chicken sandwich" I've eaten

I made a boneless chicken with garlic sauce and chili pepperSharp bones without KentuckySand using the same chicken "Sharp chicken sandwich"Appeared as a new menu of Kentucky on February 4 th, 2016 (Thursday). It was said that it became a chicken that warms up the body that will blow off the cold winter as well, so I actually tried to eat it.

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I came to Kentucky at once. On the menu posted on the counter I found "Shitty Bone None Kentucky & Shabby Chicken Sand".

In addition, Kentucky without hot bones was advertised in posters as well.

That's why I ordered a few minutes after placing my order Kentucky & spicy chicken sand arrived.

First of all, I opened the wrapping trying to eat bone-free Kentucky, the fragrance of white sesame seeds spread from the bag.

Taking out chicken from the bag is like this.

When you look at the surface of chicken you can see that it is attached to a large amount of white rice garment.

It's about this size of palm when you have it in your hand, smaller than you thought.

When eating it actually, since meat is chicken breast meat, the meat quality is slightly pozzy but depending on the part to eat it is very juicy. The part with plenty of clothes is a crispy texture of clothing & garlic soy sauce and pepper spicy flavor of chili is solid and it is very good. However, depending on the part to eat, there are few clothes and the chest feeling becomes strong and it becomes less tasty. The taste base is garlic soy sauce so it feels like a Japanese style chicken, and after eating it is slightly tingling in the mouth.

Next I will eat chicken sandwiches that I sandwiched Shinsen no Kentucky in Buns.

Take a packet and look like this. Because it is exactly the same size as Kentucky without bone, it seems that it will be small as a hamburger.

From the side it looks like this.

Which ginger is dropping from the buns.

When lifting the buns, there are chicken and lettuce inside. Below this lettuce is full of mayonnaise topped.

So I will bring it in my hand and eat it.

When trying to eat, there are quite plenty of mayonnaise being topped, and it is excellent with the compatibility of this with ginger. Because the garlic chicken is based on taste of garlic soy sauce, the whole gathers well with a Japanese style taste. However, when it comes to sand, it hardly felt the hotness of red pepper, so if you say "want to eat spicy spicy!" It is better to eat alone Kentucky without spicy.

In addition, Sharp Bone None Kentucky & Shit Chicken Sand is released on February 4, 2016, with no bone Kentucky 1 piece piece 270 yen including tax, chicken sand is 390 yen including tax. In addition, as a collaboration project of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Kinnikuman, there are campaigns where people who tweeted Kinnikuman style comments such as "hot" or "delicious" can draw gifts by lottery, Shinto Kentucky & Shit Chicken Sand It is necessary check because it is also issued Kin Meat Pong which can be purchased at great price.

Sharp Bone None Kentucky & Shit Chicken Sand New Appearance | KFC

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