Kentucky I tried a summer new work "Bukkake chicken & chicken sandwich with sesame and pepper"

Kentucky fried chicken puts out hot menu using chilli and habanero when summer comes, but this year it's a hard-baked chicken for a limited time that uses sesame and peppersBukkake chicken with sesame and pickles"When"Bukkake chicken sandwich with sesame and pickles"Thursday, May 30th, we began to launch a new sale so I went to a shop and ate it.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken | Product Information | Sandwich | Sushi and Sanctuary Bukkake Chicken Sand

Arrived at the store.

Raising a new product appealing with climb.

Blatantly "dry" letters, and prints of peppers and peppers are printed.

When entering the store, I found a new item in the middle of the menu on the cash register, ordered by haste.

Wait for about 5 minutes Boiled sesame and peppers Bukkake chicken, sesame seeds and pickled chicken sandwich arrived.

When opening it is like this.

Bukkake chicken (260 yen including tax) of sesame and pickles is a limited-time chicken in which the original blend spice was covered.

Looking at the surface you can see sesame, peppers, peppers and so on.

As spices are spilled, I try to eat it while putting it in a bag.

Although I imagined quite a dry chicken, although the taste of peppers, peppers and pepper surely worked, it is not spicy, but it is not hot if it is not difficult for children and spicy things because of the difficulty of dryness It is about the size, so many people make it easy to eat. I feel the taste of pepper and pepper strongly than sesame, the taste of spice is a bit like seasoning, but pepper and so on enter into a taste of a bit different spice. Because the taste of chicken is also quite strong, it is rather impressive that the taste of meat is better than spice, you can enjoy a spicy combination of juicy chicken and spice.

When I tried to eat a different part of the second one, I felt the spice's hotness stronger than the deliciousness of chicken at the foot part here. Although it is impossible to designate the part of chicken at the Kentucky store, the balance of flavor of spicy chicken and spice will be different depending on the part to be eaten.

Succeeding with sesame and pickled chicken chicken sand (380 yen including tax).

Mayonnaise on the top of the buns ......

The lower line is painted with a bit of spicy sauce containing peppers etc.

I will eat it at once.

Although it certainly feels the taste of the pepper, it has a sweet red pepper sauce like red pepper sauce and mayonnaise has a stronger taste, the taste is great when it is chicken and sandwich. Buns is not normal buns, it fits a bit rough taste like cereal, and it is good for spicy seasonings. The taste of chicken is a single item It is different from the bukkake chicken of sesame and peppers, but the juicy is not that strong, but it is well harmonized with the buns · sauce · lettuce.

I feel strongly the taste of sauce as I eat. When comparing two types of chicken and sandwiches, each taste is different so chicken as a side dish for beer and beer as sandwich when you want to eat as a meal.

Both items are sold for a limited time so Kentucky Fried Chicken fans are essential checks.

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