Reports that I actually tried using a coupon code (Friday, May 31 (Fri) 23:59) that can get L Chiki for free

Nico Nico Live broadcast "Radio Intelligence AgencyIn "L Chicken Free CouponThe coupon code that can issue the coupon was announced and will be released from the end of the broadcast to tomorrow 31st (Fri) 23: 59,LoppiWhen you enter "9-digit coupon code starting with C", you can issue a coupon ticket and you can exchange it for L Chiki free with taking it to a cash register ... so I tried it in practice .

Or, just 10 minutes after the end of the show, the official account tweets as follows and furthermore Lawson official account retweeted, so a tremendous number of RTs are being made even though it has not been 1 hour yet.

So arrive at the nearest Lawson

Discover Loppi

Enter coupon code

I really got out while issuing a coupon ticket.

What a shop L chicken is already the last one

Succeeded to get L chicken for free at the best!

That's why L Chicken is sold out in no time ... ...

According to Lawson, once you get the code by looking at Nico student below, it is no problem for anyone to run to Lawson and get L chicken free of charge at all, in fact it knows the code in fact Everyone seems to be in a welcome state until L chicken is out of the shop, but it is already officially RT and it is spreading tremendously and it is spreading tremendously, so tomorrow morning it will be L Chiki from all over Japan It may be annihilated.

Radio Intelligence Service - 2013/05/30 20:00 Start - Nico Nico Live Broadcasting

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Reports that I got L chicken for free on Twitter one after another, will L Chiki sold out completely? - GIGAZINE

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