"RandomPocket" which can digest by randomly displaying unread pages while saved in Pocket

Pocket that has become a staple of system applications to read laterA creator who saved articles too much on "I want to read articles buried in Pocket properly"I thought that the service I made was"RandomPocket". It is a free web service that randomly displays pages saved in Pocket.

Random display of Pocket's unread articles | RandomPocket

Click "Log in with Pocket account" on the top page.

Registration is completed by clicking "Authorize" on the linkage authentication screen.

The top page is white.

If you look closely, it says "There is no article to display - Please synchronize with Pocket or register a new article on Pocket."

Since there was no article in Pocket, we saved all of the pages of GIGAZINE published on May 29 every year from 2006 to 2013 to Pocket in order from the newest one. Then the page displayed at the top in Pocket is the page that was posted at 00:30 on May 29, 2006Google headquarters "Googleplex" internal movie, latest internal image, etc."It was the oldest page among those saved.

On the other hand, when I synchronized RandomPocket with Pocket, I found that "Sony made organic glass tube speaker "Sountina" hypothetical review that makes sound echo all directions"Has been displayed.

By clicking the check mark in the center of the upper part of the screen, you can read this page and click on the star to "Archive" in Pocket, you can send the page to "Favorites" in Pocket.

Click "Read the following article"

The next time it was displayed is the "posted on 19th May, 2012 May 29th"New models other than Softbank's summer smartphone "COLOR LIFE 3" "THE PREMIUM 9" "Easy Mobile" & WILLCOM "Casablanca" "PANTONE PHS" Quick Photos Photo Review"The page called. You can see that the posted dates are far apart and the page is clearly displayed randomly.

You can see how RandomPocket randomly displays articles from the following movies.

I tried randomly displaying articles registered to Pocket using "RandomPocket" - YouTube

If RandomPocket is used by a person who has a lot of unread pages on Pocket, it may be possible to encounter an unexpected digging page.

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