I tried KFC's "Kentucky Crisp Crispy Shrimp Salty Taste without Bone" finished with Naruto's Salt Salt

From Wednesday, February 25, Kentucky used domestic chicken breasts and fried crispy with salty tasteBone None Kentucky Crispy Abstract Salt (cheese) taste"At the same time released in the past"Kentucky original chicken taste without boneIt is said that we will resell again, we went to the shop and compared to eat.

"Domestic chicken" New bone crispy texture appeared in bone-free chicken using chest piece meat, with roasted salt of Naruto enhancing flavor! "Bone-free Kentucky Crispy Paris ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

Arrived in Kentucky.

Appeal new items even at stores. I will order it at once.

I immediately received Kentucky original chicken taste and no bone Kentucky crisp salty salty. Both prices are 250 yen including tax.

Left is original chicken taste, right is crisp and salty.

The original chicken taste can confirm fine spice ......

Crisp ─ Salty taste is rough ground pepper.

First of all, trying to eat the original chicken taste, although the Kentucky-like spice works, the taste of chicken is juicy and easy to eat. The thing that appeared this time did not seem to have leather, so it was not oily so much.

Then crispy salty.

For eating, cut the upper half along the perforation, eat it in a bag, you can eat without polluting your hands.

Open from perforation at once.

I will try to bite it.

The taste of pepper is stronger than the original chicken taste, salt taste well impregnated with chicken, it is slightly spicy but it seems to be favorable to all people. The surface with pepper is finished in crispness as the product name, while the chicken meat deliciousness is not missing, it is quite juicy.

As much as how juicy is, such a meat juice comes out from chicken like this. Chicken 1 piece The price of 250 yen including tax is never cheap, but it is settled price because domestic chicken is used and finished in the taste which can not be copied at home.

Furthermore, no bone Kentucky Crispy Salty is limited in quantity, it is closed as soon as it disappears.

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