I tried Kentucky 'Crispy salted chicken' which goes well with the crispy batter and the refreshing salt and pepper.

'Crispy salted chicken,

' which has appeared several times in Kentucky Fried Chicken for a limited time, has been revived on April 7, 2021 (Wednesday) as an easy-to-eat boneless version. I actually tried to see what kind of chicken the 'crispy salt chicken' that became easier to eat is.

For the first time in two years, that 'crispy' is back without bones! Addictive to the crispy texture of the special deep-fried batter and the simple seasoning of salt and pepper. 'Crispy salt chicken' will be on sale on April 7th (Wednesday) | KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.

Arrived in Kentucky.

'Crispy salted chicken' is sold as a single item for 270 yen including tax, but various sets are also sold at the same time. This time, I ordered a '4 piece pack compared to eating' (1180 yen including tax) as a takeaway.

The contents of the set are 2 pieces of 'crispy salt chicken', 2 pieces of 'original chicken', and 1 piece of 'potato (S)'.

The surface of 'Crispy salted chicken' is sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Comparing the size with the normal 'original chicken' (right), the impression is that the 'crispy salted chicken' is one size larger.

The colors are almost the same, but you can see that the surface roughness is clearly different.

If you try 'Crispy salted chicken' at once, you can enjoy the crispy texture of the batter made by Kentucky's special 'Fried chicken'. Since the batter is not too thick, there is no danger of inadvertently damaging the mouth, and there is no such thing as 'the batter alone cannot easily reach the chicken.' Also, although the spicy flavor of pepper is quite noticeable, the simple seasoning of salt and pepper helps to enhance the refreshing taste of chicken. It has no bones, so it is easy to eat. On the other hand, 'Original chicken' has a moisturized batter and more bones than 'Crispy salted chicken', and you can feel the spice flavor different from salt and pepper. Also, the 'crispy salted chicken' was refreshing, but the chicken of the 'original chicken' was juicy.

Boneless 'Crispy Salt Chicken' has been available in Kentucky Fried Chicken nationwide from April 7, 2021 (Wednesday), except for some stores. A single item costs 270 yen including tax, but if you purchase it with other sets, boxes, or packs, you can purchase it for 250 yen including tax. In addition, it is said that sales will end as soon as the quantity is no longer limited.

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