Utada Hikaru is the world's leading digital single sales

Previously at GIGAZINEHikaru Utada sings the theme song of "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction"Although it was told that, I heard that music distribution for PC of "Flavor Of Life" released in February, ringtone, ringtone movie etc. together exceeded 7 million downloads.

This is the world's best sales in the digital single. This is amazing.

Details are as follows.
Multi-product approach makes 'Flavor Of Life' by Japan's Utada Hikaru a contender for best-selling digital single in the world

According to this release, "Flavor Of Life" which became the world's number of downloads this time is an image song of TV drama "Hana Yori Dango 2", "Boys Over Boys 2"It seems that 2 million downloads had been broken through February 28 when CDs are released after distribution started on January 5 of the airing start date. In addition, sales in all formats including CD are over 7,700,000. This is the single most popular singles ever sold in 1975 released "Growth! Taiyaki-kun"Exceeding 4.5 million copies.

In addition, Hikaru Utada holds a record even in the debut album "First Love", according to Oricon, it seems that the number of sales is nearly 8 million. A theme song of "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction", a new song scheduled to be released on August 29 "Beautiful WorldIt is also a place to worry about the sales of.

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