"Bakemonogatari" which recorded the highest initial sales in the history of TV animation Blu-ray Volume 2, how much is a great number compared to other topical work

Current,Free delivery of episodes that were not telecasted on the netdoing"BakemonogatariThe first volume of Blu-ray / DVD was released on Wednesday, September 30,A store that can be sold out is released on the day before launch and it becomes difficult to obtain several days after the release dateIt was such an unexpected situation.

And on Wednesday, October 28, Volume 2 of Blu - ray · DVD was released. It did not cause big confusion because enough soft supply was done so that the tragedy in the 1st volume will not happen, but rather as a result of explosive selling, rather than achieving sales of 39,000 copies in the first move Was revealed. This is the best initial sales for TV animation Blu-ray as ever, and even for animation as a whole it was released in May 2009Evangelion New Theatrical Version: PrefaceThe second digit following ".

I tried to compare the numbers of popular works of recent years side by side about how wonderful this is.

Details are as below.
DVD Anime Weekly Rankings ORICON STYLE - Ranking(November 09, 2009)

Bakemonogatari Vol.2 "BD initial movement 39,000 sheets TV animation to the first place - Anime! Anime

Bakemonogatari: BD Volume 2, the best initial sales sales of TV animation history "K-on!" Oricon (Muntanbu) surpassing - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

"Bakemonogatari" Volume 2 also caused a whirlwind in the market! - News - Animate TV

"Bakemonogatari" is a popular novelist Nishio Ishinbun's work, and Nishio himself talks in various places in the interview that he wrote it as a novel that can not be mixed with media such as animation, real life, cartoonization, drama CD conversion. However,Akiyuki Shinbu× animation productionshaftIt was decided to be animated with a combination of 12 episodes broadcast from July to September 2009.

The first volume of Blu-ray · DVD containing the first episode "Hitagi Club Sono 1" and the second episode "Hitagi Club Sono" was released on Wednesday, September 30,The magnitude of that momentum was "sold out the day before launch". Blue-ray · DVD Volume 2 containing 3rd ~ 5th "Mai Yo Maei" starts selling on October 28 (Wednesday). It was anticipated that it would probably sell quite a few sheets with the momentum that Amazon did not yield the top of the ranking from the booking stage, but as I opened the lidAbout 18,000 DVDs,39 thousand Blu-raySo, Blu - ray recorded the best initial sales in the history of television anime.

Even though only the word "TV anime highest in history" is conveyed that the momentum was out of the standard, I actually compared how popular this is with this popular work in recent years. First of all compare the total initial number of DVD and BD. The numerical value is from 2 channel animation board.

Bakemonogatari Volume 2: Initial movement 50, 7731 (DVD 18,731 + BD 39,000)
Bakemonogatari Volume 1: Initial movement 48,885 (15,513 DVDs + 29,372 BDs)
K-ON!Volume 1: initial movement 49,099 (DVD 7,949 + BD 33,000)
Macross FVolume 1: Initial movement 30,595 items (DVD 17,548 images + 22,000 BDs)

It becomes like this when graph. Red represents DVD, blue represents BD initial motion number.

Although it is the Macross F that is placed at the bottom, Blu - ray Volume 1 (released in July 2008) recorded the best initial number of TV animation history at that time. This is the first volume of "K-ON!" Blu-ray released on July 29, 2009. This time, the Bakemonogatari Volume 2 exceeded it by 6000, which is the highest ever recorded. In this way, unexpectedly it seems that "K-ON!" DVDs are not sold.

In addition, when compared by cumulative figures, it looks like the following. The order is the descending order of the total number of sales sheets. The excitement of "K-ON!" Is considerable, and in fact the result of Volume 1 shows the fact that it is selling beyond "Mobile Suit Gundam 00", but Bakemonogatari is above that. It is not amusing to surrender "Gundam SEED" "Gundam SEED DESTINY" when looking at the momentum.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINYVolume 1: Initial movement 57,000 sheets → cumulative total 80,500 sheets
Mobile Suit Gundam SEEDVolume 1: 30 thousand initial copies → 71 thousand cumulative total
Bakemonogatari Volume 1: Initial movement 48,885 sheets → cumulative total 65,545 sheets (as of October 25)
Full Metal Alchemist(2003) Volume 1: 21,500 initial copies → cumulative total of 65,000
Macross F. Volume 1: initial motion 39,000 sheets → cumulative total 65,000 sheets
Code Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionVolume 1: initial motion 36,500 sheets → cumulative total 62,500 sheets
K-ON! Volume 1: initial forty-nine thousand four hundred and fifty-fifty-fifty cumulative total
Mobile Suit Gundam 00Volume 1: 27,000 initial copies → cumulative total 42,000
The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaVolume 0: 29,000 initial copies → 39,000 total

"Bakemonogatari" "K-ON!" The 2 nd initial movement is like this, respectively. "Bakemonogatari" Volume 2 exceeds "K-on!" Volume 2 by 12,000 copies, and at this point we are pulling out the first volume of "K-ON!" ....

Bakemonogatari Volume 2: Initial movement 5,7771 sheets → cumulative?
K-ON! Volume 2: Initial action 36,432 sheets → cumulative total?

These are summarized graphically and it is like this. "Bakemonogatari" "K-ON!" Volume 2 is the only initial numerical value yet, but it seems that it will be the same title as "Gundam" "Macross" considering future growth.

By the way, it is expressed as "the highest in the history of TV animation" because the work which recorded the highest initial sales of animation history in Blu-ray is the movie "Evangelion New Theater Version: Introduction" (released in May 2009, 9000 sheets). DVD was released in April 2008 and sold 298,000 annually, and it records the highest number of sales in all DVD works released in 2008.

Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction Following the Blu-ray version, DVD version, win first prize in Amazon's sales ranking animation division

"Eva" is an animation representative of the 90's, although it is not a work that general TV anime can compare only for works whose "Theater movie version" theater box office income exceeds 3 billion yen, "Bakemonogatari" is a TV I would like to keep watchfully watching how much recording will be made as an animation from now on.

December 2 postscript:Volume 3 "Okura Monkey" released on November 25 (Wednesday) established a new record beyond this volume 2.

"Bakemonogatari" Blu-ray Volume 3 is over 40,000 initial sales sales and the highest record ever recorded

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