Blu-ray sales of "K-ON !!" surpassed "Bakemonogatari", the first in anime series

It was released on September 15"K-ON !!" Blu-ray Disc Vol. 3Was 28,000 in the first week sales and appeared in the top overall BD ranking.

with this,"K-ON !!'S total BD sales, including 348,000 in the first term, seems to have surpassed the total of 331,000 in the "Bakemonogatari" series, making it the number one in the TV animation series. The total number of volumes released so far is a total of 7 volumes for 1 period plus 3 volumes for 2 periods, so it is calculated that 30,400 sheets are sold consistently per volume.

Details are as below.
"K-on! "," Bakemonogatari "beyond TV anime series BD Total sales turnover 1st News - ORICON STYLE-

"K-ON !!" is based on the comic strip of the comic stripe series (work: Kaki Furai) as the original, was animated by Kyoto animation in 2009, and a sequel of animation was produced in 2010 . Although the original of "K-ON!" Was relatively quiet comic manga, there were voices wondering how to animate before the broadcast, but Kyoto animation is a famous company by producing high-quality works When the broadcast began, it went to where the anxiety, and it turned into a very popular animation.

Just at the same time, the animation production company shaft and the director Akiyuki Shinbuchi known for sending out popular works one after another, an animation based on Nishio Ishin novel as the original "Bakemonogatari"Was broadcasted and gained popularity.

When the broadcasting period is near, the release time of DVD · BD is also nearly certain, and people who care about how much each of the fans of both works care about it. The result comes into considerable success in both cases, especially "Bakemonogatari"Sold out the day before the release, Volume 2 at that timeRecord highest initial sales of TV animation historyI did it. Later onBakemonogatari BD Vol.3, Update the record in Volume 4,Volume 6 breaks to 50 thousand initials)

On the other hand, the situation where BD can be sold constantly from the beginning more than the DVD continues, at the end BD Volume 3 of the 2nd phase overtakes 331 thousand cumulative sales of "Bakemonogatari" (total 6 volumes) We sold 348,000 copies. By the way, in the third volume of this "K-ON !!", BD's sales seems to be about seven times larger than DVD (BD: 28,000, DVD: 4000).

"K-ON !!" is the original mangaCompleted in September issue, Animation is only to leave outdoor edition, but as BD releases continue, it seems that we will further increase the number.

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