Finally today, the popular manga "K-ON!" Has reached the final round

Currently TBS systemTelevision anime series second stagePopular manga "K - ON!" Popular among the popular "K - ON!" Released todayManga Time Kirara October Edition"The last round was welcomed.

There is only the last round and the magazine is "K-on!" It is one color, so you can see how high the popularity of the same work is.

Details are as below.
This is "Manga Time Kirara October Edition" released today. Of course the cover is "K-ON!"

The back cover is the figure of the same popular character "Hirasawa Yui".

The wife is the same size as the comics "after school tea time extra large bookmark"

When you turn the cover, PSP software released on September 30 "K-ON! After School Live !!" and K-ON! You can see that there is a very strong force, such as a gift of one color reader.

Finally the final round. Volume 4 of the book is released September 27.

What kind of last scene came you?

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