Film 'K-on!', Released on 3 December 2011 is decided

TV animation that the broadcast ended in September 2010 "K-ON !!Immediately after the last broadcastAnnounced that it will be made into a movieAlthough it was published, it was announced that the release date of the movie is December 3, 2011.

Details are as below.
TBS Animation · K-ON! It is! Official website

Main visual is like this, five people after school tea time has decided the jump.

From April 2007 to September 2010, Yoshifumi's "K-on!"Manga Time Kirara"Four-frame manga (work: Kaki Furai) series serialized in" 2009 TV Anime "was made in 2009 and 2010. Before the start of animation it was not a popular work that was conspicuous also in compliments,Kyoto animationAnimation by means of fire burned the popularity of the work, both Blu - ray and DVD showed solid sales.

In July 2010, the image that was on the official website of Denny's modeled on the "K-ON!" Character? As opposed toDenny's offers collaborative dessert menu of "K-on!"In November 2010 as it became to beLawson releases tie-up products as "K-on !!" fairWhen I did it, the items at the shop front were decreasing and seeing it went down, and it became a hot topic here and there.

Compared with the past, there seems to be an increasing number of opportunities for making various works into movies in recent years.Strike Witches"Or"Sora wonderland"The movie is also decided.

Probably the information on advance tickets will be issued in the summer, but it seems that the battle for benefits will be intense again ....

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