"Hetalia" to be on Television, from July on BS11

It's nothing new for an Internet anime to go to major TV network. But this one is something meaningful. Hetalia: Axis Powers, both popular and controversial, is going TV anime.

Read on for detail.

"Hetalia: Axis Powers" Is Going TV Animation!

Hetalia started in Jan. 2009 and since then they have distributed 52 episodes in total.

Distributer Animate TV is currently webcasting the third season of the anime, and quite favored by fans consisted mainly of females.

There was to be TV broadcasting along with Internet streaming. But it was postponed due to controversy on whether personificating the Axis and the Allies of WWII, including fascist countries, is proper for public broadcasting. Too much ethnic joke is also a topic of discussion.

Many anime and manga convention in Japan now has regulation limiting cosplay of Hetalia characters, since some of their costumes resemble military uniforms back then. There are people who wouldn't want to see Nazi-like uniforms worn in public.

So this re-launching of TV broadcasting is quite meaningful. The episode running on the Internet is only about 4 minutes long so five or six episodes will be aired each time.

Also the movie Ginmaku Hetalia Asix Powers; Paint it, White is ready for its premier on June, 5th(Sat.)

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