Scones and potato chips encountered U.F.O., "Nissin yakisoba U.F.O. rich sauce fried noodle" taste review

From "UNIQUE PROJECT" which is a joint development project between Lake Ikebaya and Nissin Foods,Nissin - yaki soba U.F.O.A taste snack "Scone Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. Concentrated sauce-grilled soba taste"When"Koyai potato chips Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. Concentrated sautéed soba noodle"Will appear.

The scones are released nationwide on February 21 (Monday) and those of potato chips are released in the west of Chukyo district from February 28 (Monday), but since there was a chance to eat ahead of this time, I got a real Nissin - yaki soba UFO, and compared it, I tried to compare it.

Eat comparison details from the following.Lake Ikebaya × Nissin Foods Joint Development Project 2nd bullet! "Scone Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. rich source sautéed soba taste" New release

Lake Ikebaiya × Nissin Foods joint development project "Koyukiya potato chips Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. rich source yakisoba taste" New release with blue clams

First off from the scones. Package coloring is also Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.

There was a mark of "UNIQUE PROJECT".

It seems that you are using plenty of source powder.

There is explanation of "UNIQUE PROJECT".

As raw material names are written in order of increasing proportion, it seems that there are many source powders indeed.

The energy is 508 Kcal in one bag and it is slightly larger as snack food.

Next, it is "Koyaka potato chips Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. rich sauce-grilled soba taste".

Again there was explanation such as "UNIQUE PROJECT" on the back side.

Raw material name. Here too there are many source powders. The scones were 93 g, but the potato chips are as small as 58 g.

Since the amount is less than scones, the calorie is also less than 320 Kcal in one bag.

Before we start eating two snacks, I will check the taste of authentic Nissini Yaki soba U.F.O. for the moment.

The calorie is 562 Kcal. As expected it is more than snacks.

Completed with Chachach.

When eating, the taste of the source is clearly dark and the noodles are quite thick, so we have a response to eating. It is almost complete as a cup-yakisoba to eat crispy. When I am hungry it is a perfect dish, I am satisfied with the complaint of "youth staple food" written in the package.

I found the taste of genuine Nissini Yaki soba U.F.O., and opened the scones.

When you try it on a dish, the scent combines the scones and snacks of fried noodles.

When you put it in your mouth, the sweetness of the sauce used in U.F.O. is conspicuous. A little bit of spicy comes afterwards, but this spicy was not real. The crispy crunch of crispy scones is alive and basically looks like "snacks of yakisoba taste" that looks just like it. Since the source powder is very much attached, the taste is quite dark and the sweetness is well balanced. Perfect finish for those who like tasty snacks may be suitable for snacks. Even though I ate a cup of fried noodles, I kept eating stubbornly.

And I also opened potato chips.

Compared to scones, the fragrance is quite weak. The fragrance of simple potato chips was felt stronger than the scent released by fried noodles sauce.

The texture is slightly stiff and califul and it feels good. The sweetness of the source powder jumps in while the taste of potatoes conveys quite firmly. Like the scones the taste was deep and the spicy was slight. I feel that it is suitable for a snack as well. If you like hard potato chips it may be your favorite snack.

Either product had a clear taste to the extent that it could be almost certainly recognized as "fried noodle" even if a blind test was carried out. It is a type of snacks that you can eat and have plenty of source powder on your fingers.

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