As if a modern version Kaguya Hime, "a man who tried fiancés to collect 1 million people on Facebook if you want to marry me"

I imposed an impossible task of marrying when I brought a legendary treasure such as a baby birth duck shell or a dragon's neck pillow to a partner who had been married to myselfKaguya HimeHowever, an episode that can be said as a modern version Kaguya and Hime appeared.

For females who want to raise ceremonies on 11th November 2011, a fiancée male imposes quite a challenging condition of "you can love if one million people join Facebook page" The woman who drank it is currently recruiting supporters to boost their marriage on Facebook.

For details on the conditions of marriage they had exchanged, please see below for details.Fiance told: I'll marry you when one million Facebook users convince me |

Kelly Coxhead (32) said he received a proposal from Paul Mappelthorpe, a fiancée, 10 years ago, but the date of the wedding has not been decided yet. Mr. Paul finally agreed that Kelly wished for the ceremony on 11th November 2011 that he wished, but "Condition that if you participate in a group made on Facebook, 1 million people can participate in the ceremony" condition is attached It was.

For this reason, Kelly launched a page called "I Need 1 Million People To Join For Paul To Marry Me C'mon Guys Help Me Lol." On Facebook. So far 2607 people have become fans of this page and it seems they pushed the "Like" button.

This is the page that Kelly opened. Recently changed to the name of "page", it is what was called "fan page" so far.

I Need 1 Million People To Join For Paul To Marry Me C'mon Guys Help Me Lol | Facebook

This can not be seen without logging in to Facebook, but 42028 members are participating in the "group" with the same title. It is probably that Mr. Paul established a hurdle of one million people is the number of registrants here. Although the number of people gathered is still far from the goal of 1 million people, she is now widely recruiting further supporters.


Mr. Paul of fiancée says that this challenge should be easy for Kelly, but it is strange that it is impossible to achieve the goal at once. "This idea was thoughtfully felt, because I felt that it sounded good that I chose a number of" one million. "There are about 6.7 billion people living in the world, one million people Is a small figure that is less than 0.1 percent of that.I like tatching to enjoy the challenge itself so it's a lot of fun to set goals for her She wants to wear on 11th November 2011 Whether it will be realized or not depends on the number of participants, and even because her father has not participated yet, he may be taking a position to watch over her challenge. not"

The details of the page launched by Kelly are described as follows. "We have been together for ten years, soon I think he should get married to me with a heavy waist, and then say that we need the power of one million people (to get married) That is ... ... So please join this page to convince him (lol) "

According to Kelly, he actually decided the date of marriage last year, but he seems to have canceled his hurry as his father died suddenly. Therefore, her passion for this challenge may be extraordinary.

She is the mother of 4 children and if we can clear this challenge, children will be an attendant of the bride at the wedding ceremony. It's felt that hurdles are too expensive to collect one million people to join the Facebook page to Kelly who is not a web expert but a school lunch associate worker, I just hope to get married.

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