The Ultimate SNS "Non-Mote SNS" that attracts people who are not motivated to lick scars has appeared, and the operation is "Egga"

There is no opportunity to encounter the opposite sex while being immersed in the Internet, and there is no motivation, so-called "Non motorA ridiculous SNS "non-Mote SNS" has been released for people of "

It's been a month before Christmas, which is the biggest challenge for non-mobiles, but it may be good to deepen exchanges among non-mote friends.

Details are as follows.
Non-Mote SNS - SNS that non-mobs gather and lick scars, non-male genders meet

"This is a signature blogAccording to this non-Mote SNS is said to be "non-mote" in the Internet terminology, "people who are not gathered gather together, making web-less stories with each other, making friends".

And as a background for this "non-Mote SNS", Christmas is making a lonely feeling before the huge bulletin board "2 chan" every year,Hiroyuki Egagami (Hiroyuki Egami, commonly known as "Ega-chan")"I want many people to use this SNS to get rid of lonesome feelings and to make me a heterosexual friend, and I also want to make delicious thoughts because I am non-motivated." I am doing.

In addition, as the first my friend in the new registration, "MOTO Katase Nana @ non motete (♀)" appearing in the event etc. in Akihabara is registered, and through MSN Messenger and Skype etc. It is possible to enjoy exchange.

The login screen looks something like this. It seems that a strict (?) Rule of withdrawal is set up as soon as a lover can be found.

Incidentally, in the three days that I operated as a beta version, it seems that 150 non - mobiles have already been registered, but can they escape safely from non - moto ...?

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