90% of SNS users use mixi, the advantage is "knowing the status of friends"

This was clarified in the questionnaire about SNS (social networking service) conducted at "DIMSDRIVE" of net research operated by Interwired. According to this, 30% actually use SNS, and 90% of them use mixi. It is overwhelming ....

Also, what you do in SNS is "Read a person's diary", the good point of SNS is "know the status of friends", the reason why I quit SNS is "to be troubled" top .

Details are as follows.
Social networking service (SNS) survey result / latest survey result by DIMSDRIVE original public questionnaire 【DIMSDRIVE】

According to the survey results, 47.7% answered "I know" and 38.7% answered "I heard it to some extent" to the question as to whether I know SNS. In the twenties, 76% and 67.8% of men and women answered "I know" and overwhelm the other generations.

Usage situation. 29.3% have subscribed to SNS. In the 20s, 51.4% are registered.

Frequency of use. "Everyday using" accounts for 42.6%.

Used SNS. 90% use mixi, and it seems that 96.7% are using it especially in 20's. By the way, next to mixi is 8.6% at GREE, Yahoo! Days is 8.4%. I will not talk ....

What is on SNS. "Read a person's diary" "Write a diary" "Write your own profile" and so on.

Good things in using SNS. "You can understand the status of friends from a diary etc." "It is free" "There are more friends and friends' circle spreads" "You can write diaries" "The range of hobby spreads through the community" and so on.

Reason for quitting SNS. It is 61.3%, "It's troublesome", which is far away from 33.8% of "second place" because it was boring.

I asked whether I would like to use SNS for those who have not used it yet. As a result, 36.5% of "I do not want to register much" is 2.7% of "I want to register", "I want to register well", 11.2 It is significantly higher than%.

Then, 23.4% answered "Yes" to the question as to whether or not users of SNS actually met, including events and off-club meetings.

It is a difficult place whether it should be thought that only 30% is used or conversely it is surprising that 30% is spreading.

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