Leah Charged Hobiron members, dedicated service, SNS for withdrawal / nonrear filling "hixi (hikki)"

The frequency of frequent access to the Internet due to popularization of smartphones and the like in the general layer which has not so much used the Internet so far, so-called "Rear fillingIt is not certain whether people thought that the people of "nonrearrangement" were invaded ... ... or not, but in order to create a withdrawal or nonrearried place of residence SNS (social networking service) "Hixi (hicky)"Was established.

In the producer blog this SNS is referred to as "rearingHobiron (really surprisingly surprising)It is understood that it is a service intended for people who are comfortable with animation-related net slangs.

Regarding the flow and function of registration to "hixi" from the following. Withdrawal / nonrear filling "hixi (hicky)" is open source SNS software "OpenPNE"The production time is about 12 hours from 14 o'clock May 7th to 6 o'clock May 8th. I have been doing it fairly quickly.

As the reason for establishing "hixi", the producer in the blog tells as follows.

We released SNS "Hickey" for withdrawal and non-rear | Weble

Compared with the past, people in general have come to use the Web recently, and I feel that my place has gone. For this reason, we have constructed a world in which we can clarify the withdrawal and nonrear like ourselves with a smile.

A lot of SNSs have been newly established since the mixi epidemic, but recently it seems that SNS was functioning as a closed place to dress in SNS I will.

I will try to register for "hixi" at once. To register first please click "Add new hickey" on the top page.

On the next screen enter the mail address. After that, registration mail arrives at the registered e-mail address, so click on the URL listed in it and continue registration.

The member registration screen looks something like this. "Nickname" "Gender" "Secret question" "Answer to secret question" "Password" is mandatory item and it is pretty simple content.

Home screen is earlyMixiThere are almost similar menus like. My name is "My withdrawal" if it is mixi if it is "Mi Mike", but if you make it a more mixi-like abbreviation, it seems that the one who wrote "Mihiki" seems to be like that .

Incidentally, "hixi" has become an invitation system like the previous mixi, but considering whether a friend who invited himself or herself to withdraw from it seems a bit cold sweat ... ...

Roughly reading the current diary in "hixi", some users have left comments to smell what they are referring to at work while self-designating a withdrawal, etc. Unemployed muffled in the room In the meaning of "Social withdrawalIt seems that a different layer is also registered.

Even if we say "withdrawal / nonrearrangement" as described above, because the inner circumstances are various, although the image of the figure of the main user can only be seen vaguely, some people who do not start with existing net service or aggressive Would not it be a new option for those who want to share a stance not to interact with other people.

SNS for withdrawal / nonrear - hixi (hicky)

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