"Save Winamp" which users try to rescue Winamp as open source

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Support ends with 20th December 2013Music player software "Winamp"Whatever you want to leave the user"Save Winamp"We launched a project called"Microsoft is negotiating for the acquisition of WinampThere is also a story saying that, around Winamp around the end of support is becoming noisy.

Save Winamp

Save Winamp, aimed at "having AOL continue to support Winamp" or "to make Winamp open source" was launched by 10 bloggers and developers. According to the project creator, Winamp is simple and still still one of the highest music players, and many people use it.

You can join the Save Winamp project from the following URL.

Petition | AOL: Keep Winamp alive or let it go open source | Change.org

You can support Save Winamp simply by entering "name" "surname" "mail address" "country" "zip code" from the top and clicking "Sign".

Note that Save Winamp has opened an official page on Facebook and Twitter and it is also possible to check the trend of the project from there.

Save Winamp

Save Winamp

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