What is the purpose of Internet Radio Service "Radionomy" that bought Winamp?


On 20th December 2013Distribution of software is finishedMedia player "WinampAs for around,Microsoft is embarking on its acquisitionIt is rumored to be rumored to be open source and to remain "Save WinampAlthough the project has been showing a hurried movement, it finally became clear that AOL sold Winamp to Belgium Internet Radio management company "Radionomy". What is the purpose of the Radionomy company that bought Winamp with huge amount of money and acquired it?

Brusselse start-up slaat dubbelslag bij AOL: De Tijd

Confirmed: Belgium's Radionomy Buys Winamp And Shoutcast From AOL

Radionomy and TargetSpot Form World's Largest, Most Advanced Digital Audio Advertising Network | TargetSpot

On December 31, 2013, on December 31, 2013, AOL was rumored to consider selling Winamp, Winamp's domain server domain was changed from "AOL.COM" to "RADIONOMY" by the user named Bryon Stout .COM "has been revealed that it has been changed, Radionomy company was emerging as a seller of Winamp. This form proved that this rumor was right by this announcement.

Radionomy is an Internet service company based in Belgium, a radio streaming service that allows users to open radio stations themselves and gain advertising revenue "Radionomy"Is provided. Radionomy currently has about 7000 radio stations open, but this time Radionomy got together with Winamp Internet radio service "SHOUTcastIt is also expected to become the world's largest radio streaming service company with about 60,000 broadcasting stations by adding a broadcasting station within SHOUTcast.

Also, on December 16, 2013, prior to the acquisition of Winamp · SHOUTcast this time, Radionomy is a US voice advertising service providerTargetSpotAnd it is thought that there is aim to further increase advertisement revenue by the acquisition of SHOUTcast.

Radionomy CEO Alexandre Saboundjian said, "Winamp is the best media player who succeeded in winning a lot of fans.Weamp has a clear mission to revolutionize online media in Winamp We are planning a big plan that will be accessible from any platform such as desktop PC, mobile terminal, in-car device etc. "De TijdAccording to Radionomy, Winamp hasIOS·Android applicationHe said he wanted to get technology. In the near future, a mobile terminal application for Radionomy may be developed.

On-line video distribution service is one of the strongest in YouTube worldwide, but Radionomy who got Winamp · SHOUTcast gained a big step forward in the hegemonic fight of music / voice delivery service is.

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