Rakuten Blog abolish trackback reception function

One of the leading domestic blog service operated by Rakuten ·Rakuten BlogIt became clear that the function to accept trackback on April 19th will be abolished.

Speaking of trackback is one of the typical functions of blogs, why is it abolished ...?

Details are as below.
【Important】 We will abolish the trackback acceptance function - Rakuten Blog StaffBlog - Rakuten Blog (Blog)

According to the Rakuten staff blog, it will abolish the trackback reception function from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock on April 19.

This is because the communication between bloggers is spreading to external services such as mixi, Twitter, Facebook, and many of the trackbacks sent to Rakuten blog are annoying trackbacks and in consideration of the user's burden on this, It seems he decided to abolish only the function.

In the future, as for the link function between bloggers and blogs instead of the trackback function, we will continue development as well as the linkage function with mixi etc released the other day.

Incidentally, this correspondence was originally announced on the staff blog on April 8 "It will be abolished on April 11", but it was a sudden announcement and was postponed without being notified to the user.

Although it is indeed troublesome only with annoying trackbacks, eliminating the acceptance of trackback is quite a big change. It would be better for you to make an announcement with blog information screen or e-mail magazine ... .... Rakuten Blog users will not receive trackbacks in a week, so please be careful.

Additional notes:
It was said on April 12th at 19:40 that an announcement was being done at the mail magazine. There is no postponement this time, it seems that the function will be abolished as it is.

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