"Hatena bookmark" new version released November 25

We provide various services such as human input search and diary "Hatena"Will release a new version of the popular social bookmark service" Hatena bookmark "on Tuesday, November 25.

Prior to the new version, the public beta version will be made public in early November.

Details are as below.
Hatena decides the release schedule of new version of "Hatena bookmark" Improve existing system with large scale renewal - Hatena press release - Function change, notification etc.

A beta version of Hatena Bookmark (Hobo) appeared in February 2005, started as an official service from August, now it is the largest social social in Japan with a total number of bookmark entries of 10 million and registered bookmarks of 29 million I am growing into a bookmark service. Information that meets his or her preference can be saved by using "attention entry" that multiple users are interested in by bookmarking, "popular entry" gathering bookmarks, "favorite" function that can check bookmarks of other users You will be gathered.

The new version has five items of "loading full-text search function", "enhancement of social characteristics / community functions", "improvement of user interface", "design refresh", "content editing by text mining" in mind It is said that it was made.

The official release is Tuesday, November 25, it will release a public beta version from the beginning of November, and it will be improved by incorporating the user's opinion.

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