My brother search engine "I search" I search for indecisive you

Instead of indecisive Japanese who are not decisive and can not decide by themselves, older brother search engines searching for brother "I search!Started service from today.

Instead of searching with purpose consciously by myself, you can enjoy surfing by tracing keywords centered on popular items and new arrivals from social bookmarked sites proposed by "I" With the mechanism, it is a service that can search "somehow" without thinking anything.

Sometimes I do not think about anything, it may be interesting to leave it to my brother.

Details are as follows.
I search! (Β) My brother search engine I search for you

This brother-type search engine "I search" draws attention to the high-quality word-of-mouth effect of social bookmarks, and focuses on popular items and new arrivals, among social bookmarked sites, "I" It seems to be a service to organize and display search results.

Although it is now a beta version, it is said that it will improve the system by referring to the addition of functions and user feedback from the formal service in.

At the bottom of the top page is "Now Naughty Keyword".

I tried searching with "GIGAZINE" for experiment. In addition to displaying related keywords, the number of bookmarks of Hatena bookmark, livedoor clip, Buzzurl is displayed.

Will services that can be searched by my older brother's sister will start too?

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