New tool "Ad Text Ideas" appears at Google AdWords

"Ad Text Ideas", a new tool for easily finding effective words and phrases, for "Google AdWords" that advertise on sites using Google AdSense and search results, It seems to have appeared in. By simply entering the phrase you want to advertise and choosing what template is good, examples of advertisements are displayed strangely.

It is quite a breakthrough if it is introduced in Japanese version, how is it?

An actual screen example is as follows.
Google Tests "Ad Text Ideas" AdWords Tool

At first it is like this

Enter the word of the product or service you want to advertise

Then, as many templates will appear according to that word further narrow down

Then just select the name of the business you want to advertise with the advertisement or just the sex and age group of the target

Advertisement completed with slippery, which is convenient

In the Japanese version, it seems quite difficult to come up with these services ... ....

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