Figma releases 'Figma AI,' a generative AI-based assistant tool

Figma , a browser-based design tool, has released Figma AI , a generative AI-powered assistant tool that helps designers at every stage of design, whether they need inspiration, are exploring multiple directions, or want to automate tedious tasks.

Meet Figma AI: Empowering Designers with Intelligent Tools | Figma Blog

◆ Introducing 'Visual Search'
When designing, we often use screenshots and pre-made components instead of designing from scratch, but finding a specific design or component can be quite difficult.

The new 'visual search' allows you to find visually similar designs not only by text query, but also by specifying an image or an area on the canvas.

Even when searching for existing assets, AI now understands the meaning and context of your search query and surfaces relevant assets even if your search terms and asset names don't match.

◆ A new system for working efficiently has been introduced
We've introduced a set of tools to help you work more efficiently with common design tasks.

Regarding the text to be inserted into the mockup, AI can generate and insert appropriate text depending on the context.

You can now adjust the length and tone of your text, as well as translate it, right in Figma.

The Background Removal feature allows you to instantly isolate your subject and create striking visuals without having to switch tools.

◆ One-click prototyping
By clicking 'Make prototype', you can instantly transform your design into an interactive prototype.

◆Automatically organize layer names
It makes it possible to instantly organize layer names in an easy-to-understand way, significantly reducing the time that designers have to spend on repetitive tasks during a project.

◆ AI can now provide the 'first draft'
When starting a new design, designers can instruct the AI via text prompts, which will place the layout and components for them. Designers can use the AI's drafts as a starting point, allowing them to explore different design directions.

Although Figma user data is not used to train Figma AI, Figma would like to use Figma user data to improve the performance of Figma AI in the future. Data from August 15, 2024 onwards will be used for training, and if you do not want your data to be used for training, you can opt out of content data training in your settings by August 15, 2024.

Figma AI is available to all users free of charge at the time of writing. However, it is still in beta and will be released to users in stages .

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