Facebook's active users are decreasing by 15 million people in the US alone

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Facebook is aware of the fact that user data for 50 million people is illegally used by consulting company Cambridge Analyticska and has been suspicious about user data protection. Meanwhile, Edison Research , a marketing company, announced that it was confirmed in the US that the number of active users had decreased by 15 million compared to 2017.

The Infinite Dial 2019 - Edison Research

US users are leaving Facebook by the millions, Edison Research says

Edison Research conducted a telephone survey from January to March 2019 to investigate the number of active Facebook users. Surprisingly, on Facebook, it was confirmed that the number of active users decreased by 15 million people from the data of 2017, and it is clear that Facebook departure is particularly remarkable in the age group of 12 to 34 years old became.

Larry Rosin, president of Edison Research, says that 15 million people can not be ignored for Facebook with users all over the world. The following image is a graph showing Facebook usage in the entire US population by age group, which Edison Research studied in 2017, 2018, 2019. In the group of 12 to 34 years old, 79% of the total population responded that "Facebook was recently used" in 2017, 67% in 2018 and 62% in 2019 gradually the number of users gradually increased You can see that it is decreasing. In the group of 35 to 54 years old, the proportion of active users is slightly decreasing, but it seems that in the group over the age of 55 years it has increased slightly in 2019.

On the other hand, Facebook's announced revenue report still has many Facebook users. For this reason Mr. Rosin pointed out that this survey was not targeted to the entire world but to the last in the United States. In addition, Edison Research asks the questionnaire "Do you use Facebook recently?", But Facebook probably asks "You have used Facebook before?" Mr. Robin said, Edison Research argued that it accurately reflects the recent usage situation.

Also, Mr. Robin thinks that the user who left Facebook has not moved away from the SNS itself, but moved to another SNS. Among other things, Robin points out that it is the Instagram under the umbrella that eventually has become a big favorite for users who leave Facebook.

The graph below summarizes the answers when asking something what SNS that users most often use. The most commonly used SNSs by Americans age 12 and older are Facebook as of 2019, the proportion is 52%. In comparison with 62% in 2017, it has dropped by 10%, while users who use Instagram under umbrella largely increase from 9% in 2017 to 16% in 2019, and in total You can see that Facebook managed SNS is still attracting a lot of people. Other SNS seems to be getting popular with Snapchat which is an automatic annihilation type photo sharing SNS and Pinterest of a bulletin board type photo sharing SNS etc.

As Edison Research did not ask "Why on earth did you stop using Facebook?" For users away from Facebook, he did not know exactly why he left Facebook. Robin said that why Facebook is going away, because SNS like Instagram and Snapchat is attractive to young people rather than leaving Facebook as having doubts about user data protection in recent years It was.

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