It turns out that 'People away from Facebook on Facebook' is accelerating

There are scandals that lose credibility such as illegal use of user data of 50 million people on Facebook. The Pew Research Institute has revealed the findings that these problems are actually bringing Facebook away in the United States.

Many US Facebook users have changed privacy settings or taken a break | Pew Research Center

Pew Research Institute asked 4594 American users 18 years of age or older who owned a Facebook account, "I have changed privacy settings (for those who do not disclose information in the past year)" "Facebook I checked it several weeks or more "" I deleted my Facebook application on my smartphone ", and I asked how many% of my users were on Facebook I was surprised to see if I lost interest in it.

As a result, 74% of users who responded to the survey answered "I have done anything". Of the three actions, 54% answered "I have changed the privacy setting", 42% of users who "have not checked Facebook for weeks or more", "Delete Facebook application of smartphone "The user was 26%. The graph below shows the results.

The following graph shows the results of examination by the age of the users who responded. In the graph, the age group is divided into four groups of "18 to 30 years old", "30 to 50 years old", "50 to 65 years old" and "65 years old and over" It is. According to this graph, the answer that "Privacy setting has changed" is the highest among "18 to 30 years old" and 64% of "30 to 50 years old", "65 years old and over "Was 33%, which was a low number. In addition, the top of the user who answered "We do not check Facebook for weeks or more" is 47% for "18 to 30 years old" users and 40% for all other generations. Users who replied "Deleted Facebook app on smartphone" also said that "18 to 30 years old" is 44% of the top, and it is clear that the younger age group has a stronger tendency to face away from Facebook.

Andrew Perrin of the Pew Institute said, "Although Facebook itself is a small community on a global scale, users who have done one of three tend to be aware of personal privacy There is. " In addition, he said, "Facebook has a function to download all posted content etc. 79% of users who downloaded their data from Facebook using this feature have changed their privacy settings, 47% I found out that most of users who used the download function tend to lose interest in Facebook. It is thought that this was the last time you downloaded and left the data when you moved from Facebook to another service.

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