The country where Firefox is most used is Finland and the share is 45.4%

French web research company XiTi Monitor announced the 2007 Firefox share, but last year it seems that Firefox extended the market. According to country statistics, Firefox has the highest share share in Finland, 45.4%. Then Slovenia is 44.6% and Poland is 42.4%.

A quarter of those reading GIGAZINE are Firefox usersI wonder, is there a day when Firefox gains a share like shoulder with Internet Explorer in Japan?

Details are as below.Firefox share up over 20% in Europe, mostly at expense of IE

Firefox share by country.

Firefox 's share, which was 23.1% in December 2006, has increased to 28.0% in December 2007, which is about 20% higher than in 2006. Conversely, Internet Explorer down 0.9% to 2007, 66.1%. This seems to be affected by Opera 's appeal for Microsoft's monopoly in December 2007. By the way, Safari currently has only 2% share in Europe as a whole.

Firefox share of 2007. It stagnated around 27.7% in June to September, it fell 0.7% in October, but recovered in December.

In addition, among Internet Explorer users, less than half of those using the latest version of Internet Explorer 7 are less than half, whereas Firefox users are 93% using the latest version of Firefox 2, It seems that users care about updating their software.

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