22% said that they can trust Facebook to deposit personal information, while negative images are rapidly increasing

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According to a survey conducted by business magazine Fortune, "How much company can you trust in terms of delegating personal information?" According to a survey conducted by Fortune, we found that only 22% answered that Facebook can be trusted. This is more than 10 points lower than Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google. In particular, image deterioration in the last 6 months is outstanding.

Facebook Is the Least Trusted Major Tech Company When it's Comes to Safeguarding Personal Data, Poll Finds | Fortune

This survey was conducted online by Mr. Harris Paul, a research firm requested by Fortune, in mid-October 2018, to 2013 as a national representative of the United States.

The first question is how reliable each company can deposit personal information such as browser browsing history, location information, contact information, photos, etc. The target was Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and the result was the following order.

No. 1: Amazon (49%)
No. 2: Google (41%)
No. 3: Microsoft (40%)
No. 4: Apple (39%)
No. 5: Facebook (22%)

While a majority of users do not trust the company, Facebook is overwhelmingly subordinate with Apple with a difference of 17 points. This seems to be affected by the leakage of tens of millions of personal information on Facebook.

There is a way for Facebook to announce the results of the investigation due to leakage of personal information of 50 million people, to confirm whether or not you have suffered - GIGAZINE

This is also evident from a survey of changes in consciousness over the past six months. In the last 6 months, the results showing the percentage of "receiving a positive impression" and "receiving a negative impression" for each company are as follows.

Company name positive Negative
Amazon 39% Ten%
Google 28% 16%
Microsoft twenty three% 7%
Apple twenty five% 14%
Facebook 17% 48%

A case in which personal information has leaked is also occurring outside of Facebook, but "negative" exceeds "positive" by Facebook only. This impact has also led to distrust of CEO's leadership in the use of personal information at companies, with Amazon's Jeff Bezos (77%), Apple's Tim Cook (72%), Microsoft's confidence Saturia Nadera (71%), Google's Thunder Pichai (68%), Facebook Mark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グ (59%) in that order has come out.

Harris Paul's CEO John Gersema who investigated the consumer said that the problem is likely to be tolerated if the obstacle is due to some obstacle, as Facebook has problems repeatedly regaining confidence It is said that the view that it may be difficult.

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