Advantages and disadvantages of flat design prevalent in the web industry

Windows 8 UIYaGoogle icon,Apple's new iOS 7,FurthermoreFirefox 23 iconUsed toFlat design. Whether such a flat design is prevalent on the Internet, there is a report on 100 professionals actually working in the web industry about what the merit of this design is about .

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The survey was conducted for 100 professionals working in the web industry. The occupations of the surveyed persons are as follows, and we are investigating the people working in the web industry evenly.

When asking participants in the survey the words that first come up with about flat design, something appears in the following images. Among them, the images commonly held by the flat design are "Simple", "Clean", "Colorful", "Modern" and "Boring" .

Advantages of flat design are "clarity" "ease of use" "modern appearance" "is an efficient responsive design" "web page loading time is fast", the disadvantage is " Differences from web design "" difficult to execute "" difficult to understand clickable "" boring design "" lack of personality ", among others.

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In the question as to whether it is in fashion or not, 68% of the surveyed people replied that they are "prevalent."

furtherRdio,Wistia,LayerVault,Windows PhoneFor each of the four sites, "Three things to draw attention in the design", "Parts you like in the design" and "Parts you want to change in the design" respectively, explain these reasons We got an experiment to receive it.

As a result of the experiment, the web design of rdio has a lot of clicks attracted attention to the logo and the image of the center of the page, the reason is that the colorful design as a whole attracts attention, and the circumference of the logo is simple against it It is also eye-catching.

Evaluation that Wistia is beautiful and colorful but bored and confused.

Although LayerVault is a contemporary design, it seems that there is still room for improvement.

On the Windows Phone web site, subjects clicked on 50 different parts, and only 35 of them seemed to be actually clickable links. This means that about 30% of the things the user thinks is a link are just text or images. For the other three sites, users have clicked on parts other than the link with similar probability, and the numbers are 33% for Wistia, 38% for rdio and 16% for Layer Vault, respectively.

From these survey results, it is clear that the flat design is clear, contemporary in the web industry, and it is a design that is currently prevalent in the web industry, but it has the disadvantage that it is hard to understand where "click where you can click" with less individuality and stimulation I understand. With the influence of the flat design that should be more clearly designed,Users are lost knowing where to click on the pageThat's a sarcastic story.

If Google map becomes a flat design it would be like thisweb pageThere is, but if it becomes like this it is impossible to read the necessary information from Google Maps anymore ......

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