Six design techniques for practicing "Simple is best" of the presentation material


Techniques such as talking methods are important, as well as content, in order to effectively present the presentation, but to raise these, some degree of training is necessary. However, there is a technique of "refining the design of presentation materials" to make a more effective presentation, which can be adopted without special training. Slide hosting serviceSlideShareThe six important points in the design of the presentation material to be kept in mind for the presentation appealed by the audience are as follows.

6 Presentation Design Dos and Don'ts

01: background
On a page displaying sentences it is strictly prohibited to use a colorful pattern that scratches the background. This background not only makes it difficult to read letters, but also distracts the attention of the audience.
(Example of NG)

To make characters easier to read, it is easy and recommended to use lighter colors in the background. If you want to use a strange background, you need to devise a way to show the text stereoscopically at least.

02: Placement of text
Avoid centering all the text. Placing characters in the middle in the state of lumps makes it difficult to read sentences.
(Example of NG)

To to center is only to the main text, let's place the character to supplement its contents into the left-justified. Design supposed to appear to much tighter.

03: Font Size
You should avoid making all font sizes in slides the same. In the presentation, it is necessary to emphasize important points that we want to convey.
(Example of NG)

The most important letters should be large. By adopting this simple method, it is possible to convey the most valuable information to the audience first.

04: Drop shadow
Drop shadows (shadowing) may be done to emphasize letters, but if you add a light shadow with a white or gray background, the characters look blurry and dirty.
(Example of NG)

When using drop shadows, let's keep it at the title part at least. The way to show characters stereoscopically is not only possible with drop shadows but also by using white characters on a dark background.

05: Photography / Illustration
Avoid using low resolution images in magnified form. When looking at a big screen, roughness is more prominent than you might imagine.
(Example of NG)

Without enlarging images and illustrationsDot-by dotLet's use it with. Also, paying attention to not only photos and illustrations but also icons is a point.

06: Font (typeface)
Avoid using unique fonts too much. Even if a fantastic font attracts the attention of the audience, it may not be taken seriously by the contents. The font is also simple is best.
(Example of NG)

It is also recommended to combine multiple fonts. For example, it is possible to avoid having a monotonous image by combining different fonts of different characteristics such as heavy and light things, typical things and rare ones.

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