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It is an act of insulting opponents worldwide by standing up the middle finger and showing it to the other person, but there is a case that it is a gesture that disrespects foreigners for the purpose of being ordinary.

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A gesture lacking the grade in the world.

For example, intention to the partner.

In Greece you will express your willingness to ignore when you put both fingertips in front of your stomach.

In Mexico, touching the left elbow with your right hand in front of your own chest means that you are appealing to your opponent.

There are gestures whose meaning varies from country to country.

In the United States, turning your thumb upwards makes it a "gorgeous!" Gesture that praises your opponent ... ...

In Iran it has the same meaning as "fuck you" which I should not say the most.

The action of raising the little finger and index finger with the palm facing towards the other side in the United States is a gesture used as a greeting ... ...

If you move the side of the instep in Spain and make the same move it will be a gesture insulting your opponent's wife.

Making a circle with thumb and forefinger in the United States will be a gesture meaning "OK" ....

In Brazil it becomes a gesture meaning "fuck you".

Gestures with strange meaning also exist.

Round the right hand in front of the chest in Arab and wrap the tip of the left index finger will become a gesture insulting the other's home.

Turning your palm towards your opponent in Greece means "do it on your own," ...

In Arabs it will be a gesture to have meaningless meaning.

In addition, in Panama it means "I will hand out your sister."

Making a triangle with the thumb and forefinger of both handsJAY-ZIt will be a pause to fight ... ...

IlluminatiIt is also a pose to represent the temple.

Since it seems likely that you will go through this kind of gesture without knowing it, it is safe to remember beforehand when you communicate with foreigners.

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