How to count numbers up to 31 with just one hand

If you count fingers normally with your fingers, you can only count up to 5 with one hand, 10 with both hands, even using up to 20 feet, but there is a way to count this up to 31 with just one hand. There are not many cases to encounter situations that must be counted up to 31, but it may be helpful if you remember it.

Details are as below.
First the hand is closed. This is 0.

I will remember the number when I made one finger. The little finger is "1".

The ring finger is "2".

The middle finger is "4".

The index finger is "8".

The thumb is "16".

So, when it is 3, it is 2 + 1 and the little finger and ring finger standing.

When it is 5, 4 + 1 makes the middle finger and little finger standing. The image rising as it stands from a small number finger. My little finger → ring finger → little finger + ring finger → middle finger → middle finger + little finger → ... will continue to count up.

If it is 24, it is thumb and forefinger at 16 + 8. If you put a little finger on this, +1 will be 25.

At the end, all the fingers are opened, and it is 31 at 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1. By the way, when you use both hands, you can count up to 1023 with 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 the number of fingers of the other hand.

In the link destination, I count as fingers are opened, but it is hard to stand only the ring finger when actually counting with this. Personally I think it would be easier to bend the right hand thumb and 1 to count the index finger and count it as 2, but please try looking for something that is easy for you to do.
Count to 31 on One Hand using Binary! It's a geek's sign language!

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