"Bakemonogatari" BD Volume 6 topped the initial 50,000 copies, the best initial record record for TV animation as BD of TV animation

Release was postponed due to production circumstancesTelevision Animation"BakemonogatariBD & DVD Volume 6 "Tsubasa Cat (lower)" was released on July 28th.

The sales ranking of the first week of its release was announced today from Oricon, but it became clear that BD broke through the initial 50,000 copies and updated the best initial record in the history of TV animation.

Details are as below.
Bakemonogatari: BD breakthrough 50,000 pieces in the first week Updated best record of TV animation works - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

"Bakemonogatari"Was written by Light Novel of Nishio Ishin. "Nishio Ishinagi Anime Project"It was broadcast as an animation as the first part of the series from July 2009 to September 2009.

Although I covered it as an article several times so far, the popularity of "Bakemonogatari" is tremendous, and when the first volume of BD & DVD was released in October 2009Shops that are already sold out on the day before the release appearI did it. After all, the initial volume of Volume 1 (the number sold in the first week of release) is 27,372. It was released almost at the same time "K-ON!'S BD Volume 1 is about 33,000, yet "Bakemonogatari" is a "top class sales, but not legendary" feeling.

However, in BD Volume 2 released on October 28, 2009The fastest initial sales of television anime in 1999 (at that time) recorded.BD Volume 3 further includes 41,000With the number 4, "Nako ko snake" achieved the number of 48,000 copies. Volume 5 is the initial number of movies has decreased, but even soWe sold 46,000 copies.

Attention was gathered from the fact that Volume 6 is the final volume and repeated postponement, but opening up the lid surpasses the numbers so far and breaks through the wall of 50,000 sheets. It was decided to renew the initial initial sales record as BD of TV animation again.

It is already the day before "Bakemonogatari"Decided to animate 'Wounded Story'I am wondering, will it be said that it is "a wounded story" that pulls out this record? Or will another animation appear from the side and scrape?

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