A mysterious case that transforms iPod touch into an iPhone has appeared, and actual calls etc. are possible

There is almost no difference between Apple 's music player "iPod touch" and the mobile phone "iPhone" except for the call function and the presence or absence of a camera, but what makes it possible to send and receive calls and short messages on iPod touch, A case to transform iPod touch into iPhone appeared.

For details such as movies actually running, please see below.
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According to this article, it seems that the case of transforming iPod touch into iPhone in China "Rape peel 520 (scallion of apple)" appeared.

"Scallion leather 520" is a case of 121 mm × 65 mm × 12.5 mm that covers the iPod touch and has a built-in SIM card slot and 800 mAh batteries, and 120 hours standby for iPod touch or continuous 4.5 hour call It will be possible.

The leftmost one is "Rape peel 520", the middle is iPod touch, and the right is iPhone. Unfortunately the GPS function of "Rape peel 520" is under adjustment and camera function is not included, but you can exchange phone calls and short messages on iPod touch.

"Rasping leather 520" was attached to iPod touch.

The thickness of iPod touch when attached is not much different from iPhone. Also,Antenna problem of the iPhone 4 that made the world noisyIt is said that no such situation will occur.

Call screen

Call setup

You can also check the history.

It is also possible to exchange short messages.

The movie actually running is like this. I can actually talk.
Touya Tsuyoshi one touch handmade ___ ___ ___ Southern Touch 苹 苹 520

According to the following link, Jailbreak of the iPod touch main body seems to be necessary in order to use "苹 皮 skin 520" on iPod touch.

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